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HRW's Own Superbowl (2/3/2003)
Calm Rainbowkeri
bluedano wrote in hrwinferno

** Kariel just set the @party! Type @party to check it out! ** In honor of Super Bowl XXXVI, HRW will be hosting a game of tackle-football in the Central Bowl at 1pm MOO. @go Reaches, and remember to bring your shirts or skins! Or, if not, come down to Crystal Lake at Gar for Markus's and Kaetiera's Handfasting! -- entered by Kariel on 2002-02-03 12:53 MOO Time. (7 seconds)

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds -- quite literally -- overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is an autumn sunrise. The sun slowly peeks above the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over all it touches. The amber and red colors of the trees and grasses are amplified by the rising sun, and the world seems awash with color.
Sinead, Miria, Squaln, B'ane, and Lis are here.

Kariel appears from ground weyr's overhung shadows.

Lylia walks in.

Daniri walks in.

Seilyn walks in.

OOC: Kh'ryn says "First of all, the 'tackle' part of this only goes as IC'ly far as the other players want it to go. Therefore, if you plan on pummeling someone over, you make sure to page them first and /ask/ them if they're interested... Or, page the opposite, stating that you're willing to get pushed into the mud... No PP..."

Valanth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*. Kia giggles softly a nod at Valanth before she unbuckles her straps and slips to the ground.

OOC: Kh'ryn says "Secondly, we have Kariel nearby as our healer, so if you get IC'ly hurt, you get out of the game and that's that. I don't want any crazy injuries, like a sprained ankle still allowing people to play. That's just.. absurd. :)"

OOC: Kh'ryn says "Feel free to pose your own mishaps .. fumbling, misses, long runs.. But, not /everyone/ is a star quarterback. :P"

OOC: Kh'ryn grins. I think that's about it. Oh, except one more little thing.. I'm sick, I get annoyed easily.. Therefore, please keep the OOC down to a /bare/ minimum...

OOC: Kh'ryn claps his hands and blows his whistle. Alright.. Let's get started! Let me introduce the game, and we'll then make teams, k?

Sinead wakes up.

Kh'ryn is pacing back and forth, leaving a slight trench in the ground of the bowl, as he idly tosses a porcine-hide ball up in the air with each step. A glance towards the sun as he notices the time, and then a wide beam breaks out on his face. Showtime! Now, where are his players?

Hiza steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Dressed up in her finest rumbling attire, Miria swipes some black soot under her eyes to help shield the sun's glare. Seeing Kh'ryn's presence in the Weyr bowl, the unusually perky little guard waves toward him. "Kh'ryn! Hey!" Noting the porcine ball being tossed, she grins. Oho, so this is it.

Fumble, rearrange, nearly drop. Kariel sits to the side of the main hustle-and-bustle by a bit, playing with the healerish toys he's brought along. Redwort and numbweed and gauzy bandages. All the necessities for the brutalities about to take place. For that's what organized sports are. Brutality. Especially when all one knows of them is your three older brothers versus you, a pink and plum clad prepubescent. He's read to heal about anything that may come along. But play? Squeek.

Daniri jogs into the bowl, an excited smile on her face. She'd never played this game before, but it sounded fun. She comes to a halt where some others seem to be gathering and hops from foot to foot.

Kia had just hopped down from her lifemate's back the pants of her weyrling outfit getting pulled off for some reason they were only tied on with slip knots odd child. She's wearing a skirt! And it's tiny with pleats wouldn't ya know the colors being those of Ista Weyr even if she's at HighReaches so forgive her eh? Sleeves are pulled off her shirt and she's bouncing around on the edges of the 'field' cute little pompoms made of cloth and cute stuff with sparkilies yeah sure fun yup

Sinead makes her way in from the guards barracks, offering everyone a smile and moving to stand somewhere amidst the people. The girl really isn't sure what's going on, but she seems interested, so she quickly eliminates her jacket and offers a grin towards Kh'ryn.

Lis is here, even if she's not sure entirely what's going on. Whatever Kh'ryn's got is interesting, she trots across the distance to the bluerider. "What's all this?" she asks, waving a hand at Kariel's paraphenalia et al. "Some kind of game?" How wise.

Lylia doesn't really /own/ rough-and-tumble attire, persay, but loose-fitting trousers and a too-tight tunic will suffice, right? Right. Let's not forget those comfortable, practical boots. "Lis! Dahling!" The young woman gives a greenie-wards wave as she jogs over to the group. She's heard.. rumors. And rumblings. So she's comin' out to see what's up.

Seilyn comes happily bouncing in. She might be twelve but she's still got reason and the will to be hyper and happy. So there. Hrmph. Her waterbottle is tossed off to the side where it hopefully won't get kicked around. "Alright! Let's get this game goin'!" Kia is stared at, and then finally recognized and the Fosterling tries to stiffle her laughter. "Nice outfit, Kia-pet!"

Squaln enters the bowl in an entirely different ensemble --typical 'tumble' clothes. Word travels fast when there's a game being played. Beam. The herder then shuffles over the growing crowd and stands next to B'ane, with a wide grin on his face. Eh heh heh. Looks like this'll be /fun/. Good thing he changed his clothes, eh? "I'll play!" he blurts out, not even knowing what the game is yet. Eager, eh? The lad then cracks his knuckles and starts to get psyched.

Kariel crinkles his nose up at Lis in disdain. Hmph. She can be so condescending sometimes. Sniff. Sniffle. "It's just in case anything happens while we're playing the games. First aid and such." He's helpful. He is. Really. Trying to work for the benefit of the weyr, only to be shown ingrateful reprocussions.

B'ane leaves the security of his lofty perch and dismounts with the slick sound of leather on dragon hide. Oh look, there are about sixty people in the Bowl and one of them's tossing something in his hand. Could be trouble. Or fun, whichever way you look at it. Quirking a 'brow Squall-wards, he proceeds to ask, "what exactly are you guys about to play?" Well, it's certainly not checkers.

Bluerider beams again as the 'players' soon come out of the wood.. er.. weyr work. "Just a game of pickup and tackle," he explains to Lis, before waving towards those gathered, all dressed in differing stages of scrimage attire. But nothing beats his orange shorts.. ahem. Excusing himself from the greenriders presence for a moment, Kh'ryn then clears his throat, ready to get this party started. "Alright everyone..If I can get your attention?" Hopefully they'll have an equal amount of players, but if not, there's always those who can sit out the first run until someone gets tired.. or.. hurt.

M'er slides from Suith's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Kia beams at Seily from her spot along the edges "Seily! I haven't seen you in /ages/!" she poses now showing off her skirt oh and there's even little pompoms on her shoes that aren't boots for the moment. "Oh B'ane! M'er you're here too!" Faranth forbid if her 'ling mates end up on a different team.. O'course M'er could always be a cheerleader with Kia you know

Sinead nods slightly and stops her chatter with another of the gathered players, turning her attention towards Kh'ryn so that she may here what's going on.

Miria /needs/ rough-and-tumble attire, being a guard of course, and crosses her arms. Looking over to find M'er, old HRW friend and now a rider of Ista, she squeaks in glee, much differently from her 'I'm ready to rumble' look that she portrays quite oddly, being the eccentric little child she is. "Meral! Or... whatever your name is. It's changed, I know, but still." Eee.

Hiza sneaks out of the caverns with a still sleeping baby-type, and eyes the crowd gathered. So this is what Iss was going on about, then? In a brief moment she's scrambled up her lovely dragon, flown off toward her weyr, and when the tiny greener returns, she is free of child(one watching might note she stopped off at another weyr before returning), and dressed... exactly the same. No, Hiza'a not a skirted cheerleader, but she's a little too tiny to play. Might get used as the ball at her size, y'know? And so that's what the little flag is for, and why she wanders toward Kia. Hiza's too cheerful not to cheerlead anyway. "Quite the crowd. Squally's gonna win." All by himself, yep.

Squaln pays attention to the one who seems to be running the show. Grinning, the herder runs a hand through his hair and stretches his arm muscles for the moment. Tank top hugs his abdomen nicely and he stretches his legs as he stands, waiting for further instructions.

Suith is here -- start the blaring trumpets, parade, dancing white monkey -- whatever you've got. Oh, and M'er is there too, fiddling with the straps until he can siddle out, over the side of the dragon. Svelte little dragon turns to watch her rider as he descends gracelessly to the ground. "Kia! B'ane!" he chirps merrily. Oh, yes. M'er is going to be a cheerleader with Kia. Where's the skimpy outfits?!

"Lylia!" Lis squeals in return, dashing over to squeeze her friend companionably. "Pick up and tackle?" the greenrider wonders, head cocked in thought. Sounds like her social life.

B'anes eyeing his current apparel and comes to the conclusion that his weyrling uniform will have to suffice. Stripping off his jacket, he leaves it in Aboleoth's capable claws and folds his arms across his chest. "Hey M'er, Kia!" Raising his voice over the din of the assemblage, he offers a wave to them.

Kia squeels again gah she's gone ditzy again "M'er! I've had this outfit for awhile Faranth knows why but someone said game and I thought sure why not where else am I gonna wear it?" kiss blown at the greenriding 'ling as she peers around the area "Quite a turn out from what I can see" oh and a Hize even if not skimpy she's here and hyper!

Sinead claps slightly before offering a bright wave up towards M'er and B'ane. "Meral! B'ane!" No, she does not yet know Meral's new name, so his pre-Impressions name will just have to suffice.

"Tackle." Lylia gives a blissful little nod, eyes going unfocused. Taaackle. Hurrah! She gets to go 'grrrrr'. "You think you can keep up?" A little wink at the greenrider, and Ly's hopping on her toes. Hop, hop. Gotta get /pumped/.

Seilyn wanders over to Squaln, studying his actions and then mimicing them. "Kia, you'd better cheer for me," she teases, giggling. Dull grey eyes flick across the 'field' towards Kh'ryn and she pulls her first question out of her... um.. sweater. There. "How are we all going to be split up? In teams or is it every man for himself?" the Fosterling questions the bluerider in charge.

Kh'ryn thanks the bugles from the dragons for gathering even /more/ attention. "Now, lets get started. Here," he then points towards a bushel of thin, black rags, "We have ties for those of you on one team, in order to differentiate from those on the other team.." Just because, well.. Shirts and skins isn't the best way to go when there's ladies present.. Right? Ahem. "But, before that, lets pick some captains.." And gaze sweeps through the crowd, seeing who'd be the best for the second team, 'cause you all know he wants to lead the first one. Seeing Squaln, he motions the herder closer. "Think you can lead one group?" he asks the younger lad.

Lylia's grrrreat as far as Lis is concerned, but the greenrider puffs out her chest proudly - as if she /needs/ too - and boastfully states, "My dear, I am the /queen/ of tackling." Just ask D'renn, or Kh'ryn, or.... "Shirts and skins! Shirts and skins!" The greenrider picks up the chant on Kh'ryn's change of rules, nudging Lylia. C'mon, dig it.

All these people... all this eagerness... all the potential for people getting injured. It's enough to give poor Kariel a heart attack, it is. He doesn't enjoy things where the main purpose is basically to injure a perfectly normal (...well...), functioning human being. First aid kit has been toyed with enough, however, and he drawstrings it shut and leaves it atop his perched rock, heading towards the crowd a bit... rolling up his sleeves. He's still not for this. But. If he /has/ to play.

M'er beams at B'ane and Kia, siddling a bit closer to the aforementioned bluerider. "Ya. Very nice. I want one." Mabey. A brighter beam forms over his face as he gazes towards Sinead. It seems very few people know his post-Impression name. "I'm M'er, now, 'Ead." Pause, and he tips his head to nod at the green (who is trying to attratch attention with a merry prance about in her little spot.) "And that's Suith." Zafer eyes flick nonchalantly at Kh'ryn. "Hmm..."

Miria giggles. She has her own black ties. Note the bands on her head and wrists. Looking towards Kh'ryn, she gleefully ponders whether she lands on his team or Squaln's. Either way she'll probably have loads of fun. But, just because she's a weirdo, she takes up the 'shirts and skins' chant as well, though she quietly hopes she's on 'shirts'. Because she doesn't want to have to wear a bikini top in autumn.

Squaln can go a little.. crazy when it comes to sports. /Especially/ when he plays. Mwahaha. A smirk is given to Seilyn as he continues to stretch his arms, and occasionally his legs. Sqa's getting psyched and pumped for the big game. Then Kh'ryn gets an authentic grin as he steps forward, nodding as he does. "Yeah!" he replies gruffly. Woot! Standing next to the bluerider, he scans the crowd for suitable team mates. Hmmm. "You get first pick." But his team will get first blood..

"Shirts and skiiiins," Lylia practically purrs. Kh'ryn would be a skin, right? Mwah. But the brownrider nudges Lis. "But... the ties are /black/," Ly motions at the stack of rags. She /likes/ black. "Yay Squaln!" She gives a little cheer, pumping her fist for him. Good for him! Better than her. She doesn't organize. She tackles. She likes tackling.

Sinead picks up the chant. "Shirts and skins," though she'd really rather be on the shirts team, but if she has to run around in a bikini top... "M'er, nice! Suith, nice to meet you!" She offers towards the green.

Kh'ryn grins and rubs his hands.. glad to see this is progressing so well.. Now.. For pickings... What does he have to choose from? Well, seeing Lylia already ready and raring to go, he then points in the brown rider's direction. "We get Lyl," he shouts about the roars of "shirts and skins." Then, back to Squaln. Your turn.

Well. If he /has. to participate, might as well get some kicks out of it, eh? Lylia is grazed by, Kariel's elbow just barely nudging into her side as he peruses the question: "Don't you do enough tackling in your own weyr, brownrider?" And then she's called away. Just when he's getting started. Sniff.

Daniri takes a deep breath and looks the two captains over. She'll probably be the last picked, but it should still be fun. She doesn't know anyone, but that might almost make it even better.

Seilyn slips up beside Miria and join in the 'shirts and skins' chanting. She's happily bouncing away shouting 'skirts and shins' for a few moments before pausing, stopping in her tracks, changing around the letters until they form 'shirts and skins' once more. by this point, she's begun to wonder. DUll grey eyes look up to Miria in confusion. "/Why/ are we screaming 'shirts and skins'?"

Hiza bounces some as Kh'ryn picks Sqa as a captain. "Yay!" M'er's nearness is given a beam and a happy, "Congratulations. She's near as pretty as my Iss, M'er." Which is alot from Hiza with Issryuith so close by, y'know. The tiny rider turns her attention back on the game now, calling, "Yay Squally! Your team is going to to win!" Pause, "No offense, Khor!" Giggle.

Squaln nods as Kh'ryn chooses his first player. Blue eyes scan the bowl for someone worthy of joining his team. One who's rough. Tough. Mean. One who's not afraid to tackle.. Beam. "Ok, B'ane! Step up!" he says. One down, more to go.

Miria shrugs at Seilyn's question. "'Cuz it's a way of determining who's on who's team." She looks back and forth from Kh'ryn to Squaln... who, now, will be her team captain?

Above, Chayath drops in from Spires' height.

Chayath drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

"Yay!" Lylia gives a chipper hop-skip, practically prancing over to Kh'ryn as she flexes her wiry body. Roooowr. She's on the /bluerider's/ team. Kariel just gets smirked at. "Never enough," she responds in a sing-song voice. Almost enough, though. Quara's as bad as her.

Kh'ryn nods evenly at Squaln's choice.. Shards.. He wanted the other rider. Oh well.. May's well pick the next player for skill more so than.. ah.. strength. Which is why, his next cry is "Kariel!" 'Cause its best to have the healer on /your/ side, right? Or is that a bad omen? A high five is offered to Lylia, even as she smirks towards her newest team mate.

B'ane shifts his eyes over the crowd and unclasps his arms to morph into his ready stance. Walking like a good little acolyte to Squaln's side, he smirks complacenty. "Ready to do some damage just like ol' times?" Er, scoring that is. Yes.

Squaln scans the crowd once again, looking for signs of worthy players. And /boom/! he spots another one quickly. Grinning, he motions for Sinead. "Step up, girl!" he says to her. Beam. Grin. 'Ead will be a good player; no doubts in his mind!

Hey. Kare's strong. He's just a very large weeniehead. Which is why he almost misses his name being called, not expecting it for a few more drafts... but zaffer gaze widens as he uhs at Kh'ryn. "Me?" Really? He's not last? Oh, if only his brothers could see him now. Lis is waved to, since he's still reasonably close, with a look that simply reads, 'I got picked before you.' as he nabs his first aid kit and heads Kh'rynwards. Sinead sproings up as she's motioned to join a team. "Whoo, Mir, make sure you're on Kh'ryn's team!" she shouts to her younger sister. "I want to make sure you meet the dirt a few times," cackle and she bounds off to join B'ane and Squaln.

Lis peers around worriedly as everyone /else/ gets picked but her. Last pick? Perhaps she ought to be on the sidelines with Kia in a skimpy skirt... Arms fold across her chest as she scuffs her toe ad sticks her tongue out at Kariel.

Kh'ryn now goes for agility, which is why, "Miria!" is picked next. "Come on there, lady guard. You can be our defence..." And at the same time, look, he's fulfilling Sinead's request.

Miria wheehees and skips over to Kh'ryn's side. Looking back to Sinead, she says, "Rightly so, Ead, and I think you ought to eat dust a few times too just to even the score." Wink. Crossing her arms, she holds her head high, but inwardly cackles with glee at facing off her half-sister.

Squaln smirks as he looks over the large group yet again. Hmm. Good qualities in players. Rough, tough and /mean/! Mwahaha. Then another is spotted rather quickly and he nods to Daniri. "Step up, sweets!" he says to her. Grin. Picked last? Naahhh.

Kia has disconnected.
Kia slips onto the ground fast asleep.

Lylia slaps a high-five, giving an enthusiastic whoop as she folds her arms over her chest. "/Enthusiasm/, Kariel. You need it." Badly. Be /aliiiiive/. And ready to tackle. Always, always ready to tackle. Sinead gets grinned at. A wide, toothy grin... Rather like Druseth eyeing a herdbeast, listening to its pulse...

Seilyn bounces around, all happy-like and energetic-like. She's big! She's strong! She's a complete shorty who looks like she's still stuck being nine Turns old in a twelve Turn old's body but she's got the potential for a runningback? Everybody's cheered for as the beginnings of teams are formed. She's alive and ready for action. Cackle!

M'er beams at Hiza as he finds her shouting to him. "Thanks!" Beam, a bit brighter, mabey even a blush. "Suith says you're smart." /Anyone/ who says Suith is pretty is /very/ smart. "Uhm... Iss is pretty, too." Yes. He's a nice greenrider, isn't he? Eyes scan the crowds, and the people getting chosen. He still wants to be a cheerleader! Mabey he can get sympathiy (and kisses) then.

Enthusiasm? Hmm. And with that comment, Kare reaches over to smack Lylia on the rear end rather heartily. "That suffice?"

Bluerider smiles happily, glad to see that the young girl was chosen.. If Squaln hadn't done it, he would have soon enough.. Now, who next? Eyes glance over those gathered, and he smiles rather wickedly.. "Oh Liissssss," Kh'ryn calls, his voice seductive, but his gaze steely. No way he's gonna have the greenrider /against/ him! Nuh uh!

M'er has disconnected.
M'er tries with zeal to stay awake, but can't do it. Watch out. He snores!

Hiza is helped by willowly green tail onto Issryuith's equally willowly neck.

Daniri's eyes light up with surprise. Someone picked her! And she's not last! Woo! Still bouncing happily, she skips over to stand by Squaln and the others on his team. She's gonna play as hard as she can, and make the team proud!

Somewhere between gold-kissed ridges, Hiza closes her eyelids for just a moment, but that's all it takes. She's out, folks.

Squaln is still looking for that special /pizzazz/ for his team. Then a familiar face is spotted -- she may be little, but she'd be a great (and fast) runner! Beam. Nodding his head towards the team, Seilyn gets a wink. "Step up, killer! Show us what you got!"

Lis squeals happily as Kh'ryn choses her. (Like Pokemon.) "

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