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Party in Kh'ryn's Weyr (12/31/01)
Calm Rainbowkeri
bluedano wrote in hrwinferno

"Come one, come all, to Kh'ryn's Weyr for an OOC New Year's Eve party! Bring your favourite IC drink and I'll make you some of my special Ceasars! Simply @go Reaches, and I'll send my blue to pick you up in the Weyr. And Happy new year already to those in England and other GMT countries!" -- entered by S'nor on 2001-12-31 18:16 MOO Time. (3 seconds)

Kh'ryn's Padded Room
Like any other weyr, this one displays several walls of... rock. A few hangings have been put up in order to distract guests from the fact that little else has been done to make this home seem more liveable. Well, except for the nicely sized bed over on the left hand side of the carved room; a clothes chest set beside it. Over to the right, a bar extends from the wall, several items pertaining to riderhood hanging from it - such as extra straps, an old leather jacket meant for use during Threadfall, and a helmet. Carved into the wall nearest the hearth is a large couch; overflowing with many of Zylpheth's toys and attractions, it looks to be more of a kidlet's bed than anything else. Overall, nothing too complicated. A few crates are situated here and there, showing that the owner is still in the process of moving in. Knowing that owner, it will more than likely stay this way for quite some time...

OOC: Strings of colored lights have been hung all across the cavernous ceilings, and several couches and bean-bag chairs have been strewn around for this special event. A bar has been lined up along one wall, complete with full alcohol list, and non-alcoholic goodies for those who're playing Designated Dragonriders. Snacks have been set aside in large bowls here and there; from party mix to pretzels. Enjoy yourself, and be merry!

On the ledge, you see Zylpheth.
On the perch are Tearlach, Pike, Lascia, and Nut.
You see Khor's Swingin' Cot here.
Obvious exits:

Rianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Cayl silently, suavely, glides in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Sinead steps gently in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Kelana moves with almost feline grace in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Shava walks in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Dea toe dances in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Mimi flounces in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Within the weyr, a woman stands laughing with her fellow bluerider, garbed in a black dress shimmering in black in the light within the weyr. "Well, Kh'ryn, I'll give it my best," Rianne says in a rich voice, giving him a bit of a shove on the shoulder as she turns away from him, tossing her long golden hair over her shoulders to wave down her back, the braids holding it back from her face shaking with her movements forwards. The arriving guests are greeted with a gracious smile as she walks forward, her hands held out towards people, saying, "Well, come in, come in, everyone. Go and take all of Kh'ryn's food. He doesn't need it. We like him nice and skinny like he is," Rianne says with a broad wink, laughing and gesturing inside towards the tables. "Oh, Sinead. Lovely to see you, and I'm sure Khor will agree. And P'rru.. such a surprise. You're to deign us with your presence!" She winks and waves everyone in.

Skylark quickly strolls in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Mimi goes home.

Angharad wanders in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Sinead makes her way in, looking much more organized than usual. "Hullo Rianne, Kh'ryn, Cayl, everyone," she greets of the gathered crowd. And, *even though it doesn't look it* she's wearing a sparkling, glittery, white, form-fitting outfit. "How are you all, staying out of trouble I hope," yeah, right."

Dea toe dances to the ledge.

Kh'ryn fnishes putting up the last touches of decorations to the weyr, making sure that there's enough wine, ale, snacks and everything for everyone. Turning to the growing crowd, he holds out his arms wide and welcomes them all. "Hey! Thanks for coming..." He's still a little blushy, but with a few glasses of wine already in him, it's not that noticeable. "There's creampuffs and dried herdbeast over there," he points towards one food-covered table, "And the drinks are over there," he points to a makeshift bar. "Help yourselves!"

Angharad smiles and waves, a little unsure of herself

Kelana gazes around shyly. She's not at her best in large crowds, especially those largely made up of total strangers. Food is spotted with relief, and she grabs a creampuff or two - healthy eater, isn't she - and a few pieces of herdbeast for her firelizards. She goes over to stand near Angharad, and offers up a tentative smile - here's a kindred spirit.

With an air of 'Come Hither', Skylark makes her entrance full with sparkles and balloons and all... Alright, alright! Really, she's only armed with one of P'rru's fedora's of a silver hue, sparkling in the light of the afternoon, and a crate of wine. Hey, this is Reaches; there's going to be some drinking. Through the growing crowd, Lark manages to find a suitable place to deliver the crate. "Alright! Everyone, there's plenty of wine," she calls over the crowd, "Drink to your hearts content!... or your stomach's, either one." Shrug. With a wink, Skylark goes to search out both some shy folk-- managing to slip by Kelana. "Hey there! I'm Lark. Your name, miss?"

Quite a few more people begin to swarm into the weyr, slowly crowding the large living space. Cries of exclamation over the lovely outfits being worn by most, and comments on the decoration can be heard.

Angharad picks a small collection of snacks and smiles at Kelana, smoothing her skirt and pushing her hood back to let those gathered be able to see her face.

Rianne smiles towards Sinead as she enters. You see... these harper lessons come in handy.. that smile is absolutely sure and trained for a party, friendly and bright. But it's hard to tell that's what it is. "Greetings to you. Where /is/ that boy of yours?" she asks innocently. "I'm sure he'd /love/ that dress..." She grins rougishly, and then turns towards the others entering, smiling at Angharad reassuringly at his look. "Don't worry. We're not half so scary as we look. Or you, miss, either. Try something to eat. I'm sure they're all marvelous..." At Skylark's enterance, she holds in a smile at the fedora and moves towards the drink table, humming softly under hre breath, her skirts whispering behind her.

Cayl goes home.

Kelana takes a small bite of cream puff, swallows, then introduces herself. "I'm Kelana..." is spoken to the general surroundings, then she takes another bite. Delicious.

Angharad smiles at Rianne and nibbles on her selected snacks. "I'm Angharad... pleased to meet all of you..."

Sinead twirls about the weyr. "Rianne, dear, you are certainly mistaken," well, probably not. "And if it's Legolas you're talking about, he's busy, I'm sure," this is offered with a grin as she swirls over to a familiar face. "Heya 'Lark," she greets before nodding to Kelana, having caught the name. "Hey Kelana, I'm Sinead, Ead is always good."

Lis ambles aimlessly in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Kh'ryn grins, glad to see that people are starting to relax. He's about to mention another little tip to Rianne about where to tell folk to store their coats and the like, but then he sees a splash of silver, and sees Lark amongst the crowd. He can't help but smile wider at her entry. Therefore, he lifts his hand and waves to her, calling her over in order to say thank you for the wine; which he's sure comes from P'rru's storage.

Shava slips through the crowd, looking at the decorations for the party. For now she hugs the walls near the entrance to the weyr, not quite sure where she should go, or who to talk to.

It was only a matter of time until Lis found the party. Though still pregnant, the greenrider arrives ready to have a good time - regardless of her tetotallering. Decked on in the best dress that will still fit over her burgeoning middle, she leaves Alymath on the ledge to make eyes at Zylpheth and announces heartily, "Hello!"

Reiko saunters in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

"And charmed to meet you, I'm sure, Angharad," Rianne says with a little flit of her skirts to the side, "And you as well, Kelana... Go see, Kh'ryn. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you both." And with that, and a last smile, she moves away, just catching Sinead's comment, and raising her eyebrow somewhat at the "dear", eloquent in and of itself, but she chooses to merely comment, "Indeed," before moving off to get herself some refreshment, choosing a glass of wine from the table for herself. With that, she moves off towards the door again to fufill her task, welcoming people one by one with smiles and "Good evenings!" and points towards the refreshment table.

Kelana smiles, a bit less tentatively, and meanders over to the snack table again to grab a variety of interesting-looking food. Ajax snitches a bite out of a cream puff and receives a light swat on his besmeared muzzle. "Behave!"

Several people start to congregrate around the largest seat in the house - namely, Kh'ryn's mammoth sized bed. "Is this for you, or for Zylph?" someone calls, jokingly. "Yeah, how many people you expectin' to crash here tonight Khor?" comes another cry, which is followed by much laughter.

Reiko barely squeezes herself onto the crowded ledge, much less Cerdith (who helpfully removes himself to a sunny spot on the rim to wait). And despite what sounded very much like an open invitation, she enters hesitantly, just in time to catch Rianne playing hostess. Ah, refreshments. She slips over to the indicated table, murmuring greetings to those she knows and eyeing all the revelers with considerable interest before helping herself to a glass of something red and trying not to cringe at the noise and the crush of bodies. Why'd she come again?

Lis finds herself gravitating toward the refreshment table, having to eat for two after all, but not before she spots Reiko and sends a little wave and greeting over towards her. Creampuff-lust crazes her eyes for a moment, and it's not unitl she's got a plateful that she can be trusted to be civil around anyone. "Maybe /that's/ why he's throwing this party!" she adds to the jeering cries.

The white clad candie chuckles as she looks over towards the congregation. A slight chuckle is given as Eady begins to mingle a bit about the room. "T'am, Lis, hello," she greets, swirling about in white, ooh, it matches the knot.

Skylark moves to sling an arm around Sinead and lure the younger Reachian in for a little shoulder snug, blue eyes flicking across the room as she recognizes Kh'ryn from his hand wave. "Ead! Great to see ya!" she chatters, happily, "Kelana, come with me so I can introduce you to Kh'ryn. Have you met him? Great guy." Chatterbox, isn't she? "Sinead, want too break out a bottle of wine from the crate? What's a party without wine?" she comments, nodding her head towards the large crate she managed to drag in from P'rru's and her shared weyr.

Shava weaves through the crowd to the table with the food. Her trip was somewhat long and Ista is quite a distance away. She nods to people as she passes them until she finally gets to the table, and actually finds a familiar face. "Lis?"

Angharad hmms, Rainne didn't seem terribly friendly towards other women... She whirls slightly, her skirt flaring with the motion, maybe she will go see Kh'ryn... But she felt so very out of place...

"Shava?" Lis is briefly disoriented by the appearance of the Starcrafter - missing Sinead's greeting - looking her over just to make sure she's got the name right. "Oh, /my/, it has been a terribly long while!" Her free arm is extened to scoop up the crafter into a hug, though it's always easy to avoid an affectionate rider seven months gone in pregnancy.

Kh'ryn blushes a little at the comments about his berth, but then really goes red when Lis makes her slur regarding his party. He smiles good naturaly though, and winks at her as he passes. "Hence the reason why you came, huh?" he teases the pregnant rider, before rushing to meet Lark. On the way, he passes Angharad, and waves to the new face. "Hi there.. Thanks for coming. Care for a drink?" No one can say that he's not hospitable, that's for sure.

"I couldn't stay away, Kh'ryn - you've left me longing," Lis calls back to said bluerider drolly.

Sinead chuckles slightly as she manages to make her way over to where the bottles of wine where being stored, she then grabs one of the bottles. "Here we are," she notes with a grin as she makes her way back to 'Lark. "Don't suppose we want glasses to go with this?" She enquires slightly.

Angharad nods at Kh'ryn's offer, making her way to the bar.

Kelana blinks at Skylark. "Met him? No..." She makes a tentative movement in the bluerider's direction, taking another bite of creampuff.

"Reiko!" Rianne exclaims, sending a wave towards her clutch siblings, laughing as she makes her enterance, and sending a smile towards her. "Where /have/ you been keeping yourself? How /are/ you? And T'am!" Riann blows a playful kiss towards him from where she stands, and walks up to him to to the same on the cheek, laughing as she does so. "And how are /you/, as well?" She looks back and forth between the two newly arrived riders, her eyes shining in the light, waving towards Lis and the other newly arrived.. almost hardly noticing when T'am walks away, turning towards Reiko.

Shava laughs and hugs the rider, "My, you've gotten quite large since the last time I saw you. You've obviously been busy, and not just with Weyr business. No wonder you haven't been visiting the Hall for some time." She sends a grin to the bluerider when Lis calls back to him. "So how far are you?"

Tealc marches in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Glasses? Glasses. There /were/ glasses... somewhere. Skylark points towards the table set for beverages. "Just use those glasses, I suppose," she chuckles with a shrug, "What'd the difference be?" Whirling slightly, Skylark smiles warmly to Kelana and slips the few steps away to reach for Kh'ryn's sleeve. "Khor-love, come meet Kelana," she murmurs, just loud enough to be heard with all the comotion, "She's a sweety from Ista Weyr."

Sinead darts of in a blur of white and brown and snatches up a few glasses, only to return to Skylark and Kelana. "There, glasses, and whine," the candidate says with a grin.

Reiko eyes Rianne evenly. "The usual places," she replies vaguely, watching with amusement as T'am is greeted a bit more enthusiastically ... and promptly leaves. "What, no kiss for me?" she purrs, only half joking as she slips herself deeper into the crowd, brushing against Rianne as she passes.

Lis grins foolishly at Shava as she gushes, "Eight months! And it's my fourth." Her lower lip is nibbled on after the outburst, and she apologizes briefly. "Sorry - all the excitement. But, oh, I do miss the hall some days. It's certainly a lot quieter than the weyr..." Lips curl into a wry grin as she gestures to the gathering of riders and weyrfolk alike. "But how about you? Studies going well?"

Angharad helps herself to a hearty drink...

Bluerider watches as people make their way towards the refreshements, before moving towards Lark and her group of friends. As he gets tugged over, he also throws a wave to Reiko, calling her name out when he catches sight of her. "Well met Kelana," he finally greets, nodding his head in the smallest of bows... For there's not much room for much else, it seems. "Hope you're enjoying yourself so far?" Kh'ryn then spies a few younger lads and lasses jumping onto his bed, and calls out to them. "Hey! Get outta there!"

"That tells me /absolutely/ nothing," Rianne pouts teasingly as Reiko leaves, laughing as she makes her little jest about kisses, blowing one after her into the air. "I'm sure you get kissed a lot more than T'am does. He looked like he needed it more." And with that, she too, moves off in a different direction, and wends her way into the crowd, smiling at those she passes, nearly bumping into another gathering of people, having to nimbly jump out of the way, and calls towards Kh'ryn, "Maybe we should have asked chaperones along to keep the peace...." Her tone is only half teasing as she walks through the crowd towards his little gathering, all the guests arrived, and her greeting work done... for the moment.

Kelana flushes slightly at hearing herself described as a "sweety." "Hello..." She grins, a trifle embarrassed. "I'm you just heard." Her blush deepens just a tad. Stupid stupid... "Yes I am, thanks."

If Reiko /wanted/ to talk about herself, she would. Right now, she's busy... mingling. And enjoying this lovely wine. At length she disengages herself from the company of a rather longwinded brownrider with a charming apology, pausing only to refill her glass before she makes her way over to Kh'ryn and his little group. "Lovely party," she says easily, letting the same appraising glance sweep over Kh'ryn, Skylark /and/ Kelana (for good measure), a twisted little smile curling her lips. "I see the bed is a popular attraction," she adds wryly, watching with amusement as the latest gaggle is ejected from it.

Angharad blushes at the display on the bed, manuvering the room so that she could no longer see the activities in that direction.

Skylark smirks at Kh'ryn as he voices his dislike in the kiddies making a playpen out of his large and comfy bed. "It's not like it wouldn't have ended up that way, Khor," she teases, turning to Kelana and Reiko with a wicked little grin. She then laughs softly, "Reiko! It's been a while, hasn't it? When did I see you last? Probably with P'rru sometime. I'm surprised that stud hasn't made it to this party. Have you met Kelana yet?"

Shava grins at Lis, "Well, considering I've been doing mostly research and teaching classes, but things are going along rather well. I think the noisiest time in the Hall is when something interesting happens at night. But then everyone's up and watching it together." She smiles at the number, "You're fourth? Well, congraduations anyways."

Lis flaps a hand at Sasha's congratulations, receiving them but forestalling more. "Oh, psh. Nothing to be proud, of really. Any fool can make babies, it's raising them that's a pain." Memories of the hall bring a nostalgic twinkle to her eyes and she sighs, remembering, "We were really a bunch of night-whers, weren't we? Hey - let's go say hi to the host, just to be polite." An arm is offered, if Shava will have it, to help steer them towards Kh'ryn.

Kh'ryn can only grin shamelessly at Reiko, shrugging as he replies, "Well, it's big, and bouncy. S'pose you just gotta try it, when you see it. I know that I couldn't stop jumpin' round on it when I first got it up here." Of course, he doesn't realize half of the implications he just blurted out, which is why he's still smiling without blushing. Turning to Sinead, he's sure to congratulate her on her candidacy, before taking a long drink from his wine glass.

Kelana's eyes widen in mild alarm as Skylark starts introducing her to everybody. "Um...not necessary...really..." Eek. She really /is/ making a fool of herself.

Sinead goes home.

Lylia walks in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Suzammi walks in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Shava grins and accepts Lis's arm, "Sure. I can imagine. I've been rather sure to stay away from taking in any fosterlings. I don't have the time to take care of the younger generations. Plus I haven't really found the man that could try and keep me indoors during the night." She gives the greenrider a wink and a smile at that comment.

"But it's such a comfortable looking thing," Rianne says with a laugh, laughing at Kh'ryn's response, and adding, "Well, at least it's well broken in," innocently, her eyes dancing in the light inside over the cup that she lifts to her lips as she takes a sip of her wine, covering up her smile with that conveienent little thing. She looks up as yet another person arrives, and peeks around the heads of people, saying, "Excuse me," quickly to the group around Kh'ryn and moving towards Lylia with a smile. "Welcome! Come join the crowd... the wine's voer there, and /he's/ over there," Rianne says, pointing towards Kh'ryn with a merry look. "Take your pick!"

"I don't even remember." She's talking to Skylark, but Reiko's eyes are on Kelana now, taking another lingering look at the girl before she's distracted by Khor's explanation of the bed. "Oh, really?" Her tone is deceptively mild, but there's no mistaking the flash in her emerald gaze. Fortunately for Kh'ryn, she's distracted again by the approaching Lis. All seven months' worth of her. But Reiko leers anyhow. "Hi, Lis. Who's your friend?" The one in StarCraft colors. Who also gets a lingering look.

Angharad glances around.

Lis giggles conspiratorially at Shava, mentioning, "I'll have you introduce you to some of the riders I know - and who says you had to stay inside anyhow?" Sidetracked on The Route to Kh'ryn, the greenrider shows off her friend to Reiko. Look, ma: a Starcrafter! "This is Journeywoman Shava," she announces rather helpfully, "and, Shava, this is Reiko, blue Cerdith's rider." She'll just ignore the leer, and hope the Garish does too.

"Huh." Lylia glances back and forth. Wine or Kh'ryn, wine or Kh'ryn.... "Is there any choice othe than wine?" The rider offers Rianne a quirked grin and a smirk, sauntering over towards the wine with a swing of her hips, blowing a kiss at Rianne. She's cooler than Kh'ryn, yep. She likes them female blueriders.

Angharad smiles slightly and makes her way towards Kh'ryh. "Hey there, got any music we can dance to?"

Kh'ryn laughs as everyone seems to be directed towards him, though, thankfully, some are turning to the wine sooner than most. At Angharad smiling question, he nods his head and turns to .. of course.. Rianne. "My dear ex-harper, would you do us the honors?" Before the other bluerider even comments, he raises his voice, to gather everyone's attention. "X'cuse me everyone! I think that now's the time for some entertainment. Shall we have a song from our dear Rianne?" He certainly thinks so, and begins to clap loud, in order to encourage her on.

Kelana gives Reiko an uneasy glance. Why is she /staring/ at her like that? Is her dress torn or something? She furtively checks her dress for rips and relaxes when she finds none. Just then, Kh'ryn's announcement is heard and she brightens. Music!

Skylark must think Kelana is doing simply beautifully for the brownrider spawn simply continues introducing the poor girl to whomever happens to stop by the group, so long as she knows them. Three wine glasses are balanced in Lark's slender hands and she offers Ead and Kelana each a drink. At Kh'ryn's comment, Skylark nearly bursts into laughter, trying to hold it back as it was quite obvious Kh'ryn didn't intend his comment to sound so... odd. "Khor, have some more wine," is all she can manage too say with a more or less straight face. Angharad is noticed and another wine glass is taken up. "Hi there, care for some wine?" she greets, holding out the offered glass, "I'm Skylark, this is Kelana, Kh'ryn, who you might already know, and Reiko, who's an absolute tease at this party, it seems," she explains, nodding after the distracted Reiko. With Kh'ryn's announcement, wine glass is set down and Lark joins in clapping.

Angharad smiles and claps with Kh'ryn. "Something lively, please!"

Shava grins at Lis's comment, "Now, that's something I haven't thought of, but then I would have trouble keeping my eyes off of the stars, and out of my distanceviewer." She nods to the rider as she is introduced, "A pleasure Reiko," as she herself also avoids the leer as well. It's a party, why not be happy and enjoy it all?

Suzammi goes home.

"Well, there's some juices there, too, but-" As Lylia moves off, Rianne finally gets her meaning, and she gives a musical lilt of laughter as she moves away, calling, "Ask Kh'ryn. Maybe he can help you with that..." And with that, she moves into the crowd again, stopping here and there to offer a smile to someone in the crowd, a word of greeting, perhaps, her laughter sounding frequently and soft. And then she's... announced. She shoots Kh'ryn a very surprised glance, her eyes laughing. The old Khory would never have done such a thing... As the clapping grows, Rianne gives a modest little curtsey towards the room, pitching her voice to carry, rich and full, "Well, what sort of representative of the Harper craft would I be, if I didn't yield to popular demand?" She laughs, and shoots Kh'ryn a rougish grin, "You utter cad. You planned that," she says in an undertone,b efore pitching her voice to carry again. "Lively. Give me just a moment to call in some reinforcements, and I'll be prepared.." She flashes them a sparkling smile and whirls towards the enterance.. evidently speaking with her dragon just outside, who promptly wings off and down into the courtyard.

Kelana accepts the wine glass rather nervously...she's never really drank anything really strong before, and doesn't want to embarrass herself. She takes a cautious sip, swats Ajax's inquisitive muzzle away, and smiles. "This wine's delicious..." Resigned to being introduced to /everybody/, she waits for the music, watching Rianne.

Kh'ryn thinks he needs a bit more to drink too, however, he's too busy introducing the harper. At Rianne's comment, he can only shrug, and grin. Must be the company he's been keeping lately. Done something to... relax him some. At that thought, he turns to offer a smile to the lass at his side, reaching out even to squeeze Lark's hand. He then moves to the front to clear out a spot for the harper to play and sing. That's when he finally grabs another glass of wine. Par-t-ay!

"Bah," Lis replies to Shava, a hand dismissing her concerns. "He'd be flattered, thinking he'd driven you wild. But anyhow." Enough of the greenrider playing Dr. Ruth. Kh'ryn is finally saluted to with a creampuff, and she claps awkwardly for the soon-to-appear music. "Wonderful party, Kh'ryn. But you did such a good job entertaining /me/, I knew you had it in you." The greenrider flutters eyelashes at the bluerider shamelessly, blowing him a kiss. Muah.

Lylia prowls. Duuun dun. Duuuuun dun. Perhaps it's the fact that she's lacking Quara's company, or that she's simply craving the wine that Druseth's decrying in her head. Whatever the reason, the rider takes up a quiet skulk through the party. Duuun dun. Duuuun dun. Dun dun dun dun... Shaaaark! "Hrrrm," the rider mutters, eyeing the crowd. What to do, what to do.

Angharad goes to get another drink, wondering idly what Rianne will play.

Shava grins at the greenrider's comments to the bluerider, though moves to elbow her in the arm at her statement of going wild. "Funny Lis, very funny." Then she turns to Kh'ryn and grins, "So how many times have you entertained this former Starcraft Apprentice?" She gives a wink to the rider, though moves to take a step away from Lis, just encase that retaliation is decided to be acted upon.

Suddenly, the enterance is filled again, and three boys come through the door, tumbling against each other, drums, harp, strings and other instruments in hand. They look around in all directions, until one says, "There she is!" and they all wave and run towards her, surrounding her with hugs as Rianne is engulfed between them, laughing as she hugs them to her briefly, greeting them all by name before she pushes them away, speaking to them softly. One by one they grin mischeviously, and the harper crowd moves towards a spacious corner in the room to set up. Rianne moves out in front of them, pacing with catlike grace until the drums and the strings begin, calling out with an introduction of drums and a call to the dance, insistent and unyeilding, the strings taking up with a more plantative note, Rianne calling, "This is called, 'The Mystery and the Star'. I do hope you enjoy!" And the music begins to swell as Rianne prepares to sing, her eyes closed in concentration.

Skylark smiles in return to the bluerider Kh'ryn and his sudden found extrovert personality, her hand squeezing his back before also adjusting her place of standing a little further back in the crowd, lounging on the edge of the now (in)famous bed of Kh'ryn's.

Kelana takes another, slightly larger, sip of wine and gives her full attention to Rianne, other people forgotten completely.

Lis can't help but leer after the Harpers as they enter; more often than not, they're cute, young, and romantic - plus they're good with their hands. "Mm... wha? Hey - only once. And it was a flight; I'm greenrider now," she points out to Shava, as if that would explain her lack of morals.

Lylia goes home.

Angharad smiles brightly. Finally music! She moves hurriedly to stand near the palying harpers, swiftly picking up the rythym of the song and moving in time with it, her natural grace making her a beautiful sight when dancing.

Kh'ryn doesn't quite understand who it is that Shava's talking about, until he see's who she's pointing to. "Oh. That." he begins, but then Lis covers for them both, explaining the circumstances of their.. meeting. As the musicians enter, he forgets any return comments that he was about to send the greenrider's way, instead clapping harder, as he knew Rianne would come through for them. As she begins to sing, and the music play, he reaches behind him for Lark's hand again, not finding it, as she's gone to sit across the room. Oh. Well.

Reiko just smiles, completely unconcerned with actual reactions to her... interest. No harm in looking, after all. She doesn't even have a chance to respond to Rianne's accusation that she's a /tease/--because abruptly the other rider is... singing. Ah well. She turns back to Lis and Shava, giving poor Kelana a bit of a break. "Of course... Shava, is it?" And she neatly inserts herself into their conversation, courtesy of a /lot/ of wine. "She's a greenrider." Emerald gaze turns Lis-wards now. "Will you dance with me, greenrider?" Reiko arrived at the Weyr without morals; ask anyone.

And then, the soprano, rich voice of Rianne's reverberates through the room, having lost none of it's potency for lack of training for the last months, the strings calling people to the dance even before she begins, and her voice joining in, an invitation, a sultry note that sings,%r "Don't be frightened, sleep, I am the mystery.%r The one who slips into your dreams now every night. %rYou listen to me, and I know already what you want from me...%rAnother dream, you've never dared believe in,%rAnother dream you won't be telling in the morning,%rHoping only a bit comes true..."%rThe sultry call to the dance and the power of her voice echoes as she lifts her arms, twirling in front of the music as he grows and becomes faster, her skirts and her hair whirling wildly in the air.

Shava shakes her head to the greenrider, "And are flights the only reason why this is your fourth child?" She gives her a sidelong grin, seeing if she catch Lis on that. But then, it could be true, though who ever heard of a greenrider that abstained except during flight? She looks back to Reiko and nods, "Yes, Shava, Starcraft Journeywoman at Gar Hold." Might as well get the whole thing out, but she doubts exactly where she's posted will be remembered by anyone by the end of the night.

And who is Lis to refuse an offer like that from an adorable bluerider? "I'd love to, Reiko," comes her cheerful reply, siddling over towards Reiko as she attempts to pick up a tempo, though she's not half the dancer Angharad is - whom the greenrider is watching with a note of wistful envy. "Actually, it involves some forgetfulness on my part, with that green stuff that keeps you from getting pregnant," she explains Shava-wards before she drifts out to the impromptu dance floor.

In front of the music, the ex-harper who will never truly leave her craft behind twirls, dancing the dance by herself with an invitation in her every movement, swirling her skirts around in the air as she continues, her soprano voice dropping low and earthy, "That's how you are! Just by halves... Halfway between a dream... and reality..." There is a pause for a musical interlude, and Rianne moves forward to stop in front of her host and foribly take his hands to drag him to dance, twirling him out to the floor, as the music grows to express the "mystery" that the song sings of, and twirls around itself in intensity, the singer herself grinning to her host. "This is what you get for tricking me into this.. you have to dance..." And so she's going to make him do whether he likes it or not.. at least for the duration of the interlude.

Kelana starts to sway ever so slightly, the embroidered hem of her violet dress swishing around her ankles. One foot starts to tap slightly...she steps closer to Rianne, onto the slowly filling dance floor. Her wine glass is left on a nearby table as she starts to move to the music. Though not a match for Angharad, she has a certain innate grace as she sways and turns. Her firelizards abandon her for a perch on another table, crooning softly. Ajax is half a tone off and is swatted into grumpy silence by Ariane.

Skylark, being the dance-a-tive little creature which she is, is soon smiling brightly with the quickening pace of the music. She's on her feet and making her way through the crowd towards the front of the group and where Kh'ryn once was, his body soon found in the arms of the ex-Harper. A smirk grows in her lips and she watches. All things come with a reward and Kh'ryn's volun-telling Rianne to play for his company is no exception.

Reiko of course takes the opportunity to put her arms around Lis--which, given the other's current girth, takes a bit of careful maneuvering--leading the greenrider into one of the few unoccupied areas of the weyr. "Try a bit more time between," she purrs helpfully. Although Reiko is unusually conscientious about remembering her own monthly dose. Just in case.

Kh'ryn recalls being dragged into this dance one other time before, but he's certainly not going to pull the same stunts he did last time.. No sirree. Ahem. This time, he's quite a bit more sober, and also .. um.. not crushin' on the singer. Therefore, being the gracious host he is, he bows to Rianne, and heads out onto the dance floor. "I knew you'd not let this lay," he chuckles, holding out his arms for her to sweep /him/ away. A smile is tossed back to Lark, who's smiling; thankfully; which means she's understanding that this is simply for show. Right?

Angharad lets the music fill her, washing away everything except the floor underneath her and a dim awarness for the people around her, losing herself in her dancing. Dancing... it was her greatest passion. Not even watching her beloved plants grow and bloom, or her darling pets could make her this happy.

Lis rests her own arms on Reiko's shoulders, a considerably easier task then the bluerider was faced with. "I'll think about it," she lies blithely, thoroughly enjoying being pregnant and popping out kids. Kh'ryn is snickered at covertly as he's dragged out, the rider putting one hand to her lips as she murmur, "Poor dear."

Shava grins as she listens to the song and Lis goes off to dance, rolling her eyes at explination given to her from the greenrider. Dragonriders, she'll never understand them. She watches those who dance but stay where she was 'abandoned' for now, awaiting their return when the song is over.

"Of course not, Kh'ryn. For every action there is an equal and opposite punishment!" Rianne grins towards him and twirls around in his arms again and again, laughing upwards at him as she ducks under his arm and back again, her eyes lighting with glorious green flame as she moves with the music's demanding time. But then the musical interlude is drawing to a close, and Rianne can feel it. "

(continuation of pose...) "Thank you, darling. Just as lovely as the first time," Rianne says, as if she were about to leave. But even so, she continues to dance for a few moments longer, only drawing away as she sings the next words, twirling away from him with a sparkle in her eye as she sings, "It's dawn out of bed, I am the star. You're beautiful, still a bit sleepy. Tell me, is there a place for me beside you, too, all day long?" Rianne's call takes on a yearning note, one that stretches into the sky, her soprano voice almost ethereal in quality as she moves back towards her players. "I could give you the soul you want. I'll be your sincerest friend, an oasis of loyalty and here form my place, that's how I'll be. Never by halves... Halfway between dreams.. and reality..." And her voice grows on that note, rich and powerful and calling, yearing, her eyes closing as she drifts into the song, her body swaying back and forth..

Skylark is more understanding with this situation than the last probably because she is witnessing it and there's not even a need for Kh'ryn to create an excuse. From her place in the admiring crowd, Lark settles smiling eyes upon the entertainer and her dancing partner, absent-mindedly reminding herself not to wear a dress to another party. They get stepped on and swirled about when people brush by. Yick.

Kh'ryn is the first to start clapping; loud and strong, as he turns back to look at the crowd and yell, "Let's hear it for Rianne!"

There is a challenging note to the song as it twists and pulls around itself, the drums insistent in the background, now grinding, now erratic, and but always there.. if unpredicatably so. The strings drive on and on, now light and airy as Rianne begins the final verse of the song, hardly hearing Kh'ryn's call. "Don't you recognize me? I'm the mystery. It's me again, the mystery because. I want to be next to you at night. If you want a star.. but yes. If you can only believe it.. from now on...." She pauses with a smile for everyone. "I'll be... your star...." And with that, the music fades away, and Rianne sweeps her curtsey. The first song is done, the last notes fading away.

Kelana smiles slowly as she continues to dance, a sparkle of rapture in her deep brown eyes. Her dress swirls softly about her ankles, golden embroidery catching the light. As the song ends, she applauds loudly. "That was lovely!"

Lis sighs dreamily against Reiko, swept up in the emotion of the song, "I do so love songs about the stars." As the music drowns out, and she comes back to herself - as if the bluerider would really mind a woozy, swooning greenrider in her arms - she cheers for Rianne and her entourage as well. "Well played! Well sung!"

Angharad pauses dramaticly at the end of the song, her skirt swirling around her legs and she smiles at Rianne, clapping in enjoyment. "Well done!"

Shava applauds to Rianne, grinning at Kh'ryn's early assumption at the end of the song. "Beautiful, beautiful." She waits for Lis and Reiko to return. Now if she can just find her star amongst all the ones in the sky, and this Starcrafter will be happy forever.

The bluerider has enough sense to blush furiously at clapping before the end of the song; but you must understand ... the last time he heard this tune, he was rather... sloshed, to tell the truth. Quite far gone on Firewhiskey. Therefore, ducking his head, he passes through the gathered crowd to join his earlier group. "Guess I just got carried away," he says to Skylark, looking ashamed. However, sounds as though both singer and gathered have forgiven him, as they all clap along with gusto as Rianne finishes up.

Kelana has disconnected.

Kelana yawns, clutches her stuffed fire lizard tighter, and drifts off to sleep...

Reiko in fact doesn't mind the extra dose of Lis at all, but she takes it in good humor when the greenrider draws away, stepping back a bit to add her own applause to the others'. Then she graciously escorts Lis back to her journeywoman friend and slips away, returning a moment later with a newly filled glass.

Oh, doesn't it feel wonderful, to be back entertaining again? Ah, yes, that part of Rianne that will never die.. the Harper in her, glows upon her face and in her eyes as she steps forward to blow kisses of thanks into the crowd, gesturing to her accompanists, who stand up and take their mischevious bows, flamboyantly outrageous, every last one. A rougish grin comes over her face as she says, "Oh, you're all too kind to a Harper long out of practice!" But she sweeps her skirts to the side in a graceful curtsey once more.. rising just before the boys behind her attack her again with embraces, twirling her around as one of them sweeps her off the ground to turn her in a circle, the other two dancing around laughing, and Rianne herself laughing musical laughter as she demands to be put down.. and is promptly ignored. Ah.. the joys of old friends..

"Gorgeous!" Skylark gasps under her breath, joining the clapping, laughing softly as Kh'ryn returns to the small group. "All things considered, love, you did fine," she replies with an affectionate smile. She edges closer to the bluerider to bump his side with her hip, playfully. "So what's next for this party of yours?"

Lis doesn't forget to thank her dancing partner, either, giving Reiko a bright smile and a quick peck on the cheek. "Thank you for the dance. 'Twas lovely," she whispers as she rejoins Shava, a plan already forming in dark recesses of her mind. "Say, Shava... I've got this rider-friend, F'reud, and I know /he's/ not doing anything tonight - didn't even come to the party, the poor man. I could, say, arrange a nice picnic for you two in his weyr, and drop you off on my way home. What say you?" Eyebrows wiggle at the Starcrafter fiendishly, though she leaves her the option of declining.

Kh'ryn grins at Lark. "Well," he replies slowly, pondering for a bit before continuing. "What say you to a few games?" Of what sort, he's unsure. Are they all adults gathered? If so, a few drinking games come to mind. Or dice. Dice is good. "Anyone have any ideas for any games?" he hollers. What a host he is, huh?

Eventually, however, Rianne's pounding, if light, fists win out, and the boy places her down on the ground giving her a playful smooch on the cheek before he and his friends wander back to their instruments... encouraged by the imperious pointing of her fingers. "Back you rogues!" she instructs, and so they do, taking up the music again, this time softly, more for the background than anything else, soothing and calm.. until they are wanted again. Rianne herself moves off into the crowd, wending her way through the little groups forming, smiling here and there at people who greet her, and walks towards Kh'ryn at his question, "Games? I'm intrigued..." Rianne murmurs, coming to a stop not so very far away.

"Truth or dare!" Lis whoops from her corner of the weyr - though that might not be the wisest of ideas.

Shava looks over to Lis with a grin, "I would love to, but I'm here at this party. Maybe some other time Lis. Besides, I think Kh'rys is trying to come up with a few games for us to play." Though what games Dragonriders play, she has no idea, since Starcrafters don't play that many games, at least ones that don't teach you about the stars.

Angharad sighs softly and rturns to her spot near the snacks nibbling on various small things and helping herself to another glass of wine. She giggles. "Sure! Truth or Dare! I haven't played /that/ in a while." Her entire manner is changed, it's amazing what four drinks can do to a girl.

Skylark laughs and moves to lean slightly against Kh'ryn, taking a long sip of her wine. "I'd say Spin The Bottle but that was only fun when we were kids," she shrugs, "Why don't we combine that or Truth and Dare with another game to make it more exciting?"

Reiko settles herself on something comfy, curling up with her wineglass and waiting to see what game the others decide on... so she can decide if she wants to play. "Oh, I don't know, Lark," she calls wryly, lifting her glass in a bit of a salute. "With the current group, spin the bottle might be very interesting." Being as the current group is a bit light on members of the male persuasion. And while she's got that glass lifted, she drains it, slipping rather unsteadily out of her chair to refill it.

Lis shuffles over to Kh'ryn's ridiculously large bed, perching on the other side as she takes the weight off of her poor beleaguered feet. "Sure, I'm up for spin the bottle," she adds to her yes-votes, always a supporter of games which involve the gratuitous swap of body-fluids.

Shava grins, "I guess I'm up for it as well. Who knows what might happen with that game."

Spin the bottle, and Truth or Dare. Great idea. They have the choice of kissing someone, or telling a truth. How fun! Groups of people begin to gather around.. the BED of course! "Who's got an empty bottle?" comes a slur to the left, while to the right comes the yell of, "Who wants to sit beside me?" The drunken riders automatically get hushed, though a bottle is found.

Kwa creeps, delicate ebon material swirling about her form, in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Angharad grins and takes a position near the bed, awaiting the first spin.

Lis can't resist commenting, as the various partygoers assemble around, in, and quite possibly under (as they pass out) their host's bed, "Is this the most people you've ever had in your bed, Kh'ryn?"

Newly filled glass in hand, and none too steady on her feet, Reiko makes her way over to the cot, settling down next to some random drunken rider... oh, the same brownrider who was talking her ear off earlier. She flashes him a slightly drunken smile, typically twisted, and looks about to see who's going to start this show.

Sagor strolls, whistling an unfamiliar tune in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

"Well, as much as this sounds interesting... I've got to get these darling boys home. And go see my own before he gets miffed with me," Rianne says with a smile, waving towards the boys to pack up... and they do so, but not without some clearly pouting faces at her, at which they only recieve a roll of the eyes. She blows a kiss towards her host saying laughingly, "You're horrible, but you throw a good party. It was good to see you..." She offers a sparkling smile towards him, and then towards everyone else around before she begins to make for the exit, the boys chattering all around her, wrapping arms through hers as she herds them out onto the ledge.

Angharad waves to Rianne.

Shava tries to stay away from some of the drunken riders and close to Lis as the gather around the bed. She grins at Lis, "I even wonder if he's kept count."

Skylark smiles and hurries out of her seat to offer a bottle of Benden Red to Rianne as she goes. "A 'thank you' to our great musican entertainment," she chuckles.

Rianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper to the ledge.

Sagor goes home.

Kwa waddles on in, belly, well, nice and big, moreso even then when previously with her last children. "Alright, move it, coming through or I'll run you down like a dragon does a herdbeast." Lapis eyes glint with faux sweetness as she carefully slithers further into the room, searching for that one particular person... Kh'ryn.

Kh'ryn laughs as he takes a seat on his /very/ crowded berth. "Now, lets get this going. Who's first?" he asks, after saying his farewells to their entertainment for the evening. Of course, that was just the musical part of it. Now there's the.. ah.. Physical aspect? Ahem. He's about to take the role as host back into his hands, when he hears the voice, and then spies the waddle. "Kwa!" he greets, a few glasses of wine already making him friendly to anyone, even the mother of his child. "Come join us for a game of spin the bottle and truth or dare!"

Lis calls a 'Thank you' after Rianne as well, but the bluerider was probably far out of earshot by the time it leaves her mouth. "Probably not - after all, he's only been a bluerider for a little while. It takes a couple of Turns to build up a substancial record," she explains to Shava as she gives fierce glares to the other drunken riders.

Shava ahhs to Lis, "Though I'm sure that'll build up over the Turns, especially after this party." She looks back to Kh'ryn, but doesn't volunteer to go first. She wants to see how this is done first, though there is the possiblity that the bottle will point to her.

Kwa continues to do the pregnant waddle she's oh so good at before carefully lowering herself to a nice ground spot and blinking quietly in Kh'ryn's direction. "You /must/ be tipsy to be greeting me like that." But she doesn't mine, she's just bored and needed an escape from her lifemate.

Skylark quietly slips back into her seat, smiling a bright greetings to Kwa. "I vote Lis goes first," she says as she stretches her legs under the bed, jumping slightly as she touches someone's feet 'neath the berth. "Sorry about that," she grins. Kwa is waved over. "We're playing ... uh.. what /are/ we playing? Spin the Bottle, I think?"

Lis doesn't mind being 'volunteered': "Sure!" Beaming happily, the greenrider reaches toward the bottle, spinning it forcefully so that air whips past the mouth with ominous hooting sounds. Whoot whoot whoot whoot. The greenrider sits primly, though eyes are darting around the circle to see where it stops.

Angharad grins and folds her hands waiting patiently to see the outcome of the first spin.

Reiko glances up at Lis' comment about blueriders, for a moment looking as if she might take offense, but then she unexpectedly giggles instead. "I'd better get to work then," she says lightly, taking a new interest in her chatty brownriding friend. "Spin the bottle!" she abruptly crows, for Kwa's benefit, having overheard just enough of Skylark's explanation to be not-particularly-helpful. And she dissolves into giggles again when the chatty brownrider shushes her.

Kwa runs her tongue across her lips and places her hands nicely folded 'pon her round belly. "Ah.. well I don't have luck so this should be a really boring game." She coughs to Reiko and Skylark. "But I guess I'll take my chances and sit here. Stilll think it's rather pointless?" Fingers drum on her belly as she waits for something to happen.

Kh'ryn can only smile, and grin, and nod. Seems that there's more than a few girls who've he's already.. ah.. kissed gathered here, so it's not like he should be worried. Right? Of course, then again. He is one of the few males gathered, except for a few drunken riders still gathered at the bar. Well, now this is a cause to blush, right? Which is what he does... Faintly. Have to save some of that up for later.

Lis, though she winks at Skylark for her suggestion of going first, passes the bottle Reiko words. "Why don't you start us off, Reiko? It's a bluerider's bed after all." The greenrider makes a few more noises about ceremony and tradition, but it can - should - be easily ignored.

"Me?" Reiko squeaks, coughing as she somehow manages to swallow her wine wrong. She nearly tumbles over as she's helpfully thumped on the back by an observant (if silent) greenrider, who gets a baleful glare for his efforts. "Okay," she says, taking the bottle and crawling to the center of the bed to give it a spin--okay, so it slips on the furs and kind of does a skipping roll, skidding to a stop practically in Lis' lap and sending poor Reiko into another giggling fit.

Lis beams lopsidedly at Reiko, scootching over to the bluerider's side of the bed for her unavoidable fate of a smooch. The few riders between them scoot out of the way, and one hollers for: "A good show, lassies. Otherwise the game's no fun." Meanwhile, Lis flips him a rude gesture.

Skylark smirks. She'll ignore the old childish habit of teasing the two. "Nice... /spin/, Reiko," she laughs. It was more a skip, skid, slip, but hey!

Shava grins and shakes her head at some of the riders. She's okay with it, being mostly holdbred, but she can accept two women or two men together, much less kissing. This Journeywoman is one of the more understanding people outside a Weyr. The kiss is watched then she waits for whoever is next to spin the bottle. "What about the option of telling the truth?" Didn't we forget about that part?

Kh'ryn raises a brow, but says hardly anything else.. "Yeah, you could have said a truth instead. Some little secret that none of us knew..." Grin.

Skylark nods towards Angha, rolling the bottle across the length of bed between them, a silent signal for Angharad to be next. "Honestly, I think it should be Spin, Truth or /Dare/. Dares can be funner than truths." Her trademark sultry smirk drops into play on her smooth lips and she shoots Kh'ryn a look.

Reiko meets Lis in the middle -- she's practically there anyway -- and, ignoring the (hopefully goodnatured) teasing, leans in to kiss Lis rather thoroughly, drawing back just in time to hear Shava's comment. "Truth is I'd rather kiss any of you than tell you my secrets," she says, sparkling emerald gaze flickering over the faces surrounding the bed. And then she dissolves into another giggling fit, half rolling back to her place.

Kwa goes home.

Shava grins at Reiko's little secret then looks to see who is spinning next.

Skylark has disconnected.

"I think someone need to lay off the wine," Lis comments bemusedly once Reiko relinquishes her mouth, watching said bluerider's antics as she scoots back into place.

Angharad smiles as she sees it's her turn and leans forward, her hand hovering over the bottle for an instant as she realizes she's in a room full of people she doesn't know. Then she grins and twirls the bottle, watching it blur as it spins, an expectant smile on her face...

Shava watches the bottle spin on the bed, waiting for it to slow down so they can at least see it without getting dizzy. When the bottle actually does slow down, it starts to slide as it did before, due to the furs, but doesn't fall in anyone's lap, but ends up pointing at the Journeywoman. She frowns for a moment then looks up at Angrahad with a shrug. "I'll let you think up a question before I decide whether the truth or the kiss."

Reiko actually doesn't even hear Lis' comment, it being already far too late for her to start easing up on the wine. In fact, she doesn't even make it back to a sitting position, sprawling comfortably if not particularly gracefully near the far edge of the oversized cot and slipping into a wine-induced oblivion.

Reiko goes home.

Kh'ryn watches the party still going around him, however, his part as host is starting to waver. Perhaps more wine is needed? Nah, he doesn't think so. Instead, he turns to Angha and states, "Well, are you going to ask her for a question, or a kiss?" A grin is added, to soften his question, but he is curious.

Angharad blinks slightly. What was she going to ask a complete stranger? Wait, she is a complete stranger... the chance of ever seeing her again was pretty rare... Her lips twitched slightly. "Ok, my dear, not everyday I get to ask such a pretty girl anything I want." She blushes mildly when she realizes she's sounding like a male, but then, why not? "Would you ever, perhaps, consider spending an evening's /entertainment/ with me?

Lis coils up on some unoccupied corner of Kh'ryn's bed, her head pillowed comfortably on some rider's lap while another showers her with affection and creampuffs. Being Alymath's lifemate /does/ have it's perks. At Angharad's question, she nearly chokes on the mouthful of pastry, couhing it up - discreetly - as she waits for Shava's reaction.

Shava grins, though she too is down at Gar, though mostly at the Hall. "Entertainment? As in a friendly dinner, or a more intimate type of entertainment? With the friendly dinner, I would definitely consider, though a more intimate, I'm not sure. I prefer to get to know a person more before going that far."

From the back of the bed comes a loud yell, "Forget the bottle and just swap dares!" The drunken rider just wants to hear some secrets, it would seem. At Shava's reply, he leers. "Well, come and get to know me, honey!" It's no reason he's the first of many to be sent home....

Rianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper in from the Zylpheth's Ledge of Insanity!.

Angharad grins. "I was suggesting something more intimate, but I guess, I'll have to start with inviting you to dinner someday." She grins at Shava

Lis, still giggling over Shava's acceptance of the invitation, notices a rider enter with what looks suspiciously like body-tangle dice. "Hey, now those look like they'd be good for a laugh... C'mon, bring 'em over!" At any rate, the greenrider gets the dice dropped in her hands, politely letting Angharad and Shava finish up their courtship before she organizes a body-tangling.

Shava leers back to the drunken rider and is glad that he is sent home, as well as some of the others. She grins back to Angharad, "Well, if you're ever at Gar, stop by the Starcraft Hall. I'm sure we can get a good dinner at the Harper." She watches Lis go get the body-tangling dice and grins. "Now this game I haven't played before."

And in the enterance stands another figure who knocks on the rock as she comes in. "Hello in there? Anybody still home?" she calls softly into the dark... but as she's proceeded by a rider with the body tangle dice... it's rather obvious that there are people there. "Hello, then... What are we up to in here?" Rianne asks, walking over towards the little gathering with a smile. "Body tangle! Mind if I join?" Rianne asks with a rougish grin.

Kh'ryn raises his brow even higher at this exchange, before sliding off the bed to find something else to drink. That's when he hears Lis mention body tangle. "You got dice?" he asks, before blushing when he sees them in her hand. "This should get interesting.." Especially since more than a few of the players are .. pregnant. Of course, more than a few are already passed out too, including Reiko, and Skylark. But, still more people are showing up too, including hte return of Rianne. "Come on in.."

Angharad grins. "Well, that would be lovely! I happen to live at Gar! I work in the orchards there!"

Lis finds herself presiding over the debauchery, and so sits up - though she's promptly dragged into the lap that she was half-resting in, even if the rider won't play. "Alright, kiddies." They're all mostly younger than her, except for Shava, but it's close enough. "For this, we need to all get in a circle, 'cause it's important to know who's on your left and right. It'll be fun, Kh'ryn - don't worry," she address the bluerider.

Shava laugh at the realization of where Angharad lives, "Really? Well, it'll be even easier to get together for dinner. Except you have to find me on a cloudy night. But then we can have a picnic under the stars, if I'm not stuck teaching." She looks over to Lis and grins, getting up to get into the circle, seeing who is on either side of her and gives a grin when she is in the group referred to as 'kiddies'.

And so she does, stepping over passed out bodies. Eep. Eep. She nearly steps on a Reiko, letting out a surprised yelp as she dances to the side. "Oh! I almost stepped on her head!" She exclaims... but shakes her head, saying wryly, "Well.. at least everybody looks like they've had a good time..." And so she then listens to Lis' instructions and looks for a place around in the circle, finally squeezing herself in between the other bluerider and Shava, tossing a smile both ways. "Yes, mommy," she says playfully to Lis. "Now what?"

Angharad smiles. "Maybe I could sit in on one of your classes someday"

Lis picks up Dsalth's Body Tangle Dice.

Shava grins at Angha across the circle, "If you don't mind listening to me lecture to half asleep apprentices about a distanceviewer, I'm sure it'll be alright." She nods to Rianne as she fits into the circle, "Welcome back."

"Good to be back.. The boys would have joined me if they could, but I sent them off to bed. Their journeyman would have had my head," Rianne says with a laugh to Shava, shaking out her somewhat tangled hair, made so by the wind, obviously as it floats down her back with strands wild, the braids gone and loose as she continues to watch Lis curiously. It's been awhile since she's played.. a loong while.

Kh'ryn settles himself in the circle, wondering if this will lead him into trouble with a certain brownrider's daughter? Of course, she /did/ pass out early, so... *shrug* Turning to Lis, he states, "Alright. Instruct us, oh wise one... And lets get this party started!" More wine is consumed, and the bluerider sways in his seat for a moment before righting himself.

Lis tosses the dice from hand to hand with a quick flick of the wrist, letting them jump around in a closed fist for moment before letting 'em roll with a delivish beam. "Drop 'em, and they'll tell you what to do."

Angharad nods at Shava. "Alright then, I'll find my way to one of your classes someday. The dice tumble and roll finally showing: Put your foot... On the ankle of the person to your left.

"Aw, piffle. That one's not very exciting." Lis' disappointment is evident in her voice as she stretches out one stocking-covered foot towards Angharad's ankle, handing off the dice to Shava.

Lis hands Dsalth's Body Tangle Dice to Shava.

Angharad grins at Lis.

The dice tumble and roll finally showing: Put your ankle... On someone else's.

Shava grins at Angha and then looks at the dice, intrigued by their instructions. "The ankle?" Then she looks over at Rianne and shrugs, moving to put her right ankle onto Rianne's left. "Here you take them," she says as she hands the dice to Rianne.

Shava hands Dsalth's Body Tangle Dice to Rianne.

And so she does, smiling as she shifts under Shava's ankle, bringing it out from beneath her skirt as she makes herself more comfortable and takes the dice to roll them into the circle, her eyes shining in anticipation.

The dice tumble and roll finally showing: Put your ankle... On someone's knee.

And so with the directions, Rianne laughs. "These dice really enjoy ankles, don't they?" And with that, she moves the ankle not covered and places it comfortably atop Kh'ryn's knee, grinning as she holds out the dice. "Maybe you'll get yourself a varying body part..."

Kh'ryn watches the dice fall, and turn again to something to do with ankles. "Is this all ankle work?" he asks, laughing faintly. Ok, so he's no big comedian when he's tipsy.. Well, at least not joke wise. Just wait till you see his slapstic though!

Rianne hands you Dsalth's Body Tangle Dice.

... The bluerider then nods his head seriously, and takes the dice. "Let's just hope," he says, not catching the dual meaning behind those words. And with that, the dice go rolling.

The dice tumble and roll finally showing: Put someone's hand... On the shoulder of the person to your left.

Lis eyes the dice suspiciously as ankles come up thrice, balancing with her other leg folded at the knee, and one hand behind her. "Sheesh, sure that pair isn't weighted?" she asks of Rianne, who's currently holding the dice. Kh'ryn is smirked out as she /just/ so happens to recall, "I think there's something about 'bottoms' on there..."

Shava grins at Lis, "Bottoms? Okay. Someone else's hand? Who are you going to pick Kh'ryn. And so far you're free from a strange position after a roll." In the meantime, she is constantly trying to stay balanced with her weight on one foot and the on her ankle, on top of Rianne's, without trying to hurt either one of them.

Angharad grins, waiting her turn, as of yet free from a silly position.

Someone's hand? Now, this is interesting... In order to make things simpler for him, he decides to get ... Lis to put her hand on... um.. what's that girls name again? "Hey. Lis. You go." That's pretty much all the words Kh'ryn can get out at the moment, though he does smile wide towards the pregnant greenrider.

You hand Dsalth's Body Tangle Dice to Angharad.

"Bottoms? You'd /think/ that the interesting body parts would be weighted, though!" Rianne says with a wink. "And ankles are /hardly/ as interesting as bottoms..." Rianne laughs.. first at Lis, and then at Kh'ryn's innocent sort of response to her statement, watching as the dice land, her ankle hooked around Kh'ryn's knee, and her other one stood upon by Shava, only her dancing training keeping her upright at the moment as she watches Lis' hand get claimed with a quirk of a smile. "Hey, yours at least helps for balance..." she offers.

Poor Angharad; pretty soon, she's going to get all of Lis on top of her, because rather-pregnant greenrider's don't balance too well. The hand that she places on the girl's shoulder is leaned on, not terribly heavy, but some pressure is put. "You don't mind do you, deary?" she questions of the girl, who was propositioning her former craftmate earlier.

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