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Calm Rainbowkeri
bluedano wrote in hrwinferno
G'deon: Oooh, Riders on the Storm. That's us.

Quara scorns Shae's 'wing-loyalty'. Do you have booze? Or wanton men and women? Didn't /think/ so.

Hyzen: But he is a bronzerider and thus is evil.

G'deon: Yes, well, how do you explain Fyria? She's one of the great mysteries of Pern.

T'am: I'm being dragged to the store.
E'an: High Reaches is chock-full of virgins, and you're going to the STORE?
E'an: We have people to corrupt!
E'an: Let me know when you've returned from your useless plundering.

As seen on a tunic in Kh'ryn's weyr: "I survived Wineraid 33T/10P"

Inferno: The wing whose initiation rites are so lewd that we can't admit to them in the Weyr mailer.

Fyria has connected at Tue Nov 16 21:31:36 2004 CST
Fyria: I'm a virgin!

G'deon <--- NOT GAY

Fyria: Ooo...
Sein: This isn't Lexi's first flight, is it?
Lexi: It is.

Fyria: You know, when Fy finally goes down in a blaze of glory during a 'fall, please be sure to engrave the following on her tombstone:
God damn Thread...
... mav ...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005, 7:01 PM

T'am kisses Fyria! Fyria blushes rather demurely, eyes glancing from beneath long lashes. Your turn! *smooch*

[Inferno] Fyria slaps T'am. How /dare/ you kiss me while I'm unawares!!!
[Inferno] Fyria: You cad.
[Inferno] T'am bleeds. Trim your nails before you go around slapping people!
[Inferno] T'am: Besides, you love it when I surprise you with my hot mansau-- er, kisses.
[Inferno] Fyria randomly cracks up. I love Austin Powers. Fembots.
[Inferno] Fyria is really a Fembot, you know.
[Inferno] T'am doesn't doubt it.
[Inferno] Fyria slaps C'ela, too!
[Inferno] T'am: O.o
[Inferno] C'ela: ='O
[Inferno] Fyria: He kissed me.
[Inferno] Fyria: Do I LOOK like I need to be KISSED?!?
[Inferno] Fyria: Hm? HM?!?!
[Inferno] C'ela: Nu-uh! T'am put on a C'ela-mask! ;.;
[Inferno] Fyria eyes.
[Inferno] T'am: Fyria= ( ; ) ( ; ) <-- they are shooting bullets.
[Inferno] Fyria: ...
[Inferno] C'ela: OMG. :O
[Inferno] Fyria: Okay. That looks like my boobs have 2 nipples apiece, which would be... wrong.
[Inferno] C'ela: Kinda looks like you have those tassles hanging off. :X
[Inferno] T'am: Or so, so right!
[Inferno] Fyria: Ooh, tassles. Now there's a thought...
[Inferno] Fyria swings 'em...
[Inferno] C'ela: You read my mind! :D
[Inferno] Fyria: ~o/Swing 'em to the left, swing 'em to the right.../o~
[Inferno] T'am: Fyria tassels= ( *~) ( *~)
[Inferno] Fyria: O_O
[Inferno] C'ela: Hey, where is T'am getting all these pictures? You never share with me ;.;
[Inferno] Fyria: T'am. Is there a reason why my boobs are spaced so far apart?
[Inferno] Fyria: T'am has a boatload of... pictures...
[Inferno] Fyria: There's a reason why his weyr's so popular.
[Inferno] T'am tsks. You're swinging them around, they are bouncing apart.
[Inferno] Fyria: Let me swing you around and see if YOU bounce apart...
[Inferno] T'am invites C'ela up to see his collection of bluerider centerfolds sometime.
[Inferno] Fyria would like to note that she's Miss December.
[Inferno] T'am also has a subscription to Playbronzer magazine.
[Inferno] Fyria: Liar!! Those are MY issues!!!
[Inferno] Fyria: Umm... I mean...
[Inferno] Fyria: They're the wing's... issues...
[Inferno] T'am shifty-eyes. Alright, I may have "borrowed" them from the Inferno Lounge.
[Inferno] T'am: Shhh... don't tell Gids.
[Inferno] C'ela runs to the weyr!!!
[Inferno] Fyria: Ha!!
[Inferno] Fyria looks shifty-eyed back. DO you have the issue with Gids in it?
[Inferno] C'ela: Wouldn't that be :X
[Inferno] T'am rowrs. Do I ever. Though I sort of ripped out those pages and plastered them above my bed.
[Inferno] Fyria stares. Plastered them with /what/ exactly...
[Inferno] T'am smirks.
[Inferno] Fyria: I was gonna say. No way could you reach that far.
[Inferno] C'ela: Ewww.
[Inferno] Fyria eyes C'ela. Eww... EWWWW! I meant reach with his hands, because the ceiling's so high...
[Inferno] C'ela: >.> Nu-uh! I meant with his dragon! And... dragon pits stink.
[Inferno] Fyria: Riiiiiight...
[Inferno] T'am: You can call it my "dragon" if you want to, C'ela.
[Inferno] Fyria: Yep. He's even attached a D-ring to it. O:)
[Inferno] C'ela: Hmmph. 1/800 dragon replica statue maybe. XO
[Inferno] T'am dies.
[Inferno] T'am trots off to eat sugar and then take a shower because Inferno makes me feel dirty.


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