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A Trip to Benden (2002)
Calm Rainbowkeri
bluedano wrote in hrwinferno

Sky over Benden Weyr
Nearly all of the bowl is visible below you. The center of the main bowl is directly below, filled with dragons landing and taking off every second of the day - and sometimes the night. At the southmost end of the bowl is the great weyr lake, the feeding pens boxed in behind that. To the east of the feeding pens is the broad entrance to the weyrling barracks. The north is dominated by the large entrance to the enormous hatching grounds, the dragon ledges visible from this height. Just to the east of the grounds are the entrances to the groundweyrs, south of that are the living caverns and infirmary entrances. Above all this, the bowl is scattered with dragon ledges, the great weyrs in which they live. The only place the weyrs are not visible is directly over the highest part of the hatching grounds where the observation ledges are. It is a spring afternoon.

Urzketh gives no warning as he shoots from the dark oblivion of ::between:: with crystalline precision, eclipsing the ground below with his shadow.

Urzketh winks from between with a quickly stifled bugle as Fyria shushes him with a thought. Perplexed, yet nonetheless amused, the now full-grown blue circles around Zylpheth as Fyria waves her arms at Kh'ryn. "Down there! We can land there!" She points to a bare corner of the bowl, out of the way of a majority of Benden's crowds.

Zylpheth's many fawceted eyes twinkle in the moonlight, and he relays the instructions to his rider, in case Kh'ryn didn't hear Fyria over the scream of the wind. The blond man waves, to show that he's got it, and down the duo goes;like a flash of lightning headed towards the ground. Several feet before touchdown, Zylph backwings gracefully, and lands without nary a sound. Just as quietly, Kh'ryn unstraps himself and dismounts.

Fyria's own eyes sparkle with mischief as Urzketh follows Zylpheth, backwinging to a landing himself with hardly a stir of dust. A few clicks, and Fyria slips easily, silently to the ground as she removes her riding gear and stuffs them into a sack on Urzketh's straps. "Stay here, love," she whispers, giving his conveniently dark hide a quick pat. Fy scampers over towards Kh'ryn with a stifled laugh, tapping him on the shoulder and whispering "Boo!"

The male rider nearly jumps out of his skin at Fy's surprise approach, and he turns quickly to grab her by the shoulders. Sorry, automatic reflex. "Don't /do/ that!" he hisses, though a split second later, you can see the faint grin teasing his lips into a smile. Removing his helmet and the rest of his riding gear, he then stashes all of it into a sack, before he too pats his dragon. "Be good," his tells his lifemate, who responds with a indignant snort. "Yeah, right," replies Khor to some telepathic message, before the young man turns again towards the weyrling. "Alright you... Got your quietest boots on?" None of those thick, cloppy, heavy soled ones... This is a stealth mission, and they intend to make it successful!

Fyria snickers quietly before lifting a booted foot - and nearly stumbling into Kh'ryn, one hand reaching out to rest on his strong arm for support. "Ooo, sorry...and of /course/ I've my stealthy boots on, silly.." she whispers with a grin. Urzketh snerks quietly towards Zylpheth before settling into a dark, quiet shadow upon the ground. "Okay, where's this fabulous cellar of Benden wine that I hear your wing raids?"

Kh'ryn rolls his eyes, but reaches back to squeeze Fy's arm gently. "Glad to hear. Ok, we'll have to make our way through part of the bowl without being seen..." Which is a feat in and of itself. Then again, he already bribed the watchweyr with a hunk of herdbeast, and Zylph was chatting away with his co-conspirator dragons, so getting around the guards was probably gonna be the toughest part. "Seeing how it's a tradition and all, don't be surprised if you're 'caught' upon getting to the door. Just say the word, "firewater," and you'll be fine.." Once again, that grin returns, but Khor doesn't say much else. Like anyone else wanting to share in the spoils, Fy's gonna have to go through the same ordeal he had to, back when he was a weyrling. "Now, stay close." And with those words, the blond man slides around the outcrop and down the slight hill, knees bent and hand ready to catch him should he stumble. "Ok, your turn," he whispers up at Fyria, once he gets to the bottom.

Fyria snerks a bit as she mutters "Firewater" to herself, memorizing the 'password.' Her own grin mirrors Kh'ryn's as she follows him, pausing to watch him skulk down the hill with nary a rustle of grass. "Tradition my arse, Khor - I just want the wine..." She glances up and around, scanning for any errant signs of weyrfolk or riders about before following, her legs scooching beneath her with muffled scuttling sounds. She freezes as she kicks a small pebble by accident, her hands flying to her mouth to quiet a giggle before she resumes her intended path. Finally, she winds up standing - or hunching - near Kh'ryn, giving him a gentle elbow-nudge. " what?"

"Now," states Khor, "We run!" And with that, the bluerider grabs the weyrling's hand and pulls her along, across the bowl, behind some wagons, and towards an unused part of the weyr... A part that smells faintly of... Urine? "Um.. You may want to block your nose," he tells Fyria as he keeps tugging her forwards, before finally stopping near an old door. The faint gleam of metal has all but rusted over in the Turns, but Khor knows where to pull to open it up enough for two people to slide through. "Ready?" he whispers to the girl, pulling her close for what seems like a cozy hug, but what ends up being a faster way to get the two of them out of sight at the same time. As they slip through the doorway, Kh'ryn releases her and reaches out blindly for a glow box that /just/ happens to be handy. Cracking it, he turns back to flash the faint light in Fy's direction. "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Except for the smell... Ugh.

Fyria manages /not/ to eep aloud as she finds herself literally dragged towards a rather - odiferous - part of the weyr. "Shells and /shards/ Khor...ughhhh.." She pinches her nose shut with a wince; never mind getting caught, she might wind up passing out from the stench. "You bigged a greab bace to hide out, Khob..." she mutters around a pinched nose. However, before she can complain more she finds herself dragged again towards, and through, a doorway. Releasing her nose, she blinks at the sudden light in her eyes as she lifts a hand to shade them. "No, but I doubt I'll be able to smell anything for the next sevenday," she teases. Glancing around as her eyes adjust, she asks "Where in Faranth's name are we?"

Kh'ryn chuckles at the weyrling, though he too is suffering from the stench. Luckily, this bluerider remembered to dab a bit of numbweed under both nostrils before dismounting, so... "Here," he offers, handing her the small vial that was stashed in his pocket. "Put some of this on, under your nose." And as for where they are. "Why, we're in the maintenance room for the sewers, of course. How else are we supposed to get to the cellars?" Blink. With that secret out, the young man begins to walk ahead anew, leading Fyria through the narrow passage that leads to the back of the room, and more tunnels hidden behind. "Trust me.. This is the safest way.." Apart from just walking right up to a few Benden riders and asking for some wine.. But how much fun would /that/ be??

"Sure, /now/ you give me this stuff," Fyria says wryly, giving him an elbow in the ribs. She takes the vial and gladly dabs some beneath her nose, her eyes rolling with relief as the stench is somewhat lessened - it still smells, in her opinion. Wrinkling her nose, she allows Kh'ryn to lead her through the maze of sewers, thinking that Urzketh is going to need to flame her boots after this trip. "Safest perhaps, and smelliest too." She trips on an errant rock and nearly careens into Kh'ryn, looking a bit sheepish before obediently trudging after him. "How long has your wing been /doing/ this? I mean, you seem to know your way around here quite well..." And in her opinion - it might be more fun to ask a few Benden riders for wine. Else seduce it from them. Ahem.

Kh'ryn continues to walk and chuckle at the same time. To Fy's question, he simply states, "Since I was .. oh.. a weyrling.." Which has been /how/ many Turns now? Several, to say the least. And as far as the wing. "Um, G'deon said that they were doing this long before he joined Inferno, so I can only imagine that it's been quite some time since this 'tradition' was first applied." But each time they do manage to pull it off, the haul gets bigger and bigger, considering that more and more riders are getting in on it. "This is the first time that I've ever brought someone by myself though," he tells her, wondering if she'll feel special for that little mentioned fact. Khor knows that he certainly does-feel special, that is. Espeically considering who it is.. *cough* As they round one final bend, the bluerider halts, and holds out a hand to stop the weyrling from crashing into him-again. Not that he minds, but there's quite a drop here, and he wouldn't want to fall...

Fyria wow's silently, her feet making faint swishing noises as they move deeper into the bowels of the weyr. Literally. "And Benden's never caught on to any of you?" Or more like Benden's chosen to turn the other cheek - Faranth knows if any Benden riders have raided their wine stores /back/ from the Reaches. Luckily, Kh'ryn can't see her cheeks colour as he points out the fact that indeed, they are alone together once again. And yes, Fyria /does/ feel rather special, considering the company. With a soft cough to hide her blatant smile, she suddenly stops against Kh'ryn's hand, blinking a moment. "What? Where are we?" she whispers, her eyes wide as she slides a hand up to rest upon his shoulder.

This is the part that Kh'ryn has always hated. "Um.. Here, we jump," he tells her. "Don't worry. It's not a big leap, but.. if you fall.. It's kinda .. um.. messy." Not to mention smelly, and embarassing as all hell upon the return trip, with the laughter of your dragon ringing in your ears. Khor should know. Ahem. "Just, take a few steps back, and then /jump/. I'll go first so I can catch you." He doesn't even deign to answer the question about whether or not Benden knows about them coming and going. Of course they do, but that's beside the point. Most of the time, the raids are small enough that they truly aren't noticed until its too late. Dragon connections are a good thing to have at a time like this, you know.

"Jump??" Fyria's voice isn't /quite/ a squeak as her grip tightens on his shoulder. "But...but...I don't /want/ to go back to Reaches smelling like a sewer!" Her eyes widen further as she stares down into what seems like a bottomless black pit. "KHorrrrr...I don't know about this..." She nibbles her lower lip nervously as she looks at him, her eyes two huge pools of black darkness. Urzketh will /surely/ never let her live it down - not to mention never let her ride on him back to the weyr. "Oh shush you, I've /plenty/ of bravada to do this - and you shouldn't talk, you're sitting out th--" She abruptly quiets, realizing she's talking aloud to Urzketh. "Err, sorry. Forget I just...did that." Cue the blush.

If it makes her feel any better, Khor doesn't shine the glow on her during this schpeal. Instead, he simply disattaches his shoulder from her grip and ... Then he's gone. Down? Across? A scrape can be heard from several feet ahead, and Kh'ryn whispers, "Ok. Your turn. I think they made the crevice smaller since the last time that I was here... It was much easier to cross." Either that, or the young man grew a few inches, which is more likely. "My arms are out Fy. Just do as I say, and take a few steps back. Then, run and jump." The faint shimmer of the glow widens as the blond man opens it further, displaying the opening before the weyrling. "See?" he states. "It's not that bad."

Fyria pales as Kh'ryn flips the glow to reveal the dark shadowiness of the crevice before her. As it is, her breath was held as he jumped, but she does see him standing on the other side. "Khory, I swear - if I fall in this stuff, you are /so/ going to regret it..." She takes a few steps back, clenches her fists beside her thighs, and takes a deep breath. Okay Fy, you can /do/ this. One, two, three.... With a faint scuffling of her boots, she runs and leeeeeeeeeaps towards Kh'ryn for what seems like forever when.... "Ooof!" Hopefully, Kh'ryn caught her.

Kh'ryn /does/ catch Fyria, though her jump was a little overshot, and the two of them end up banging up against the wall together. "Hmm, hi there, stranger," he seductively whispers, before kissing her forehead quickly and standing her up. "You ok?" he then asks, hoping she didn't sprain something in that miniature crash. Hopefully, she is, because they're finally at their destination. Well, once they get around this grate, that is.

Fyria suddenly finds herself once again in Kh'ryn's arms and automatically, her own encircle his waist. "Well hello there yourself, handsome," she teases, her nose wrinkling as he kisses her forehead. With a quick smooch to his nose, she chuckles before disentangling herself from his grip with a slight headshake. "I'm fine, I'm fine - luckily, I had a rather dashing bluerider to break my fall." Idly, she bumps her hip against his before peering around towards the gate. "So, beyond that is the delicious wine, eh?"

Kh'ryn turns the glow light away from his face at /that/ compliment, as his tell tale blush is quickly making its way across his features. Reaching one hand up to test the strength of the grate, he then nods and puts aside the glow. "Ayup. That's all there is to it. Just scale this, and boom. Our treasure." Once again, he's willing to go first, but this time, he turns and offers a hand to Fyria instead. "Care to give it a try? I can offer you a hand up, if you want?"

Fyria coughs a little, her grin well-evident. She swears, she's never had this much fun since Candidacy-hood, and lo and behold - it's with Kh'ryn. Giving him a curt nod, she says with confidence: "Absolutely. Besides, if I fall, I'd rather fall on a dashing bluerider such as yourself rather than the cold, hard ground." Giving him a quick wink, she spins around and slips her hand into his, eyeing the grate with trepidation. "Ahh...exactly how should I do this?" Easier than it looks is an apt description, but oh does she want that wine.

Kh'ryn looks down at the hand in his, and chuckles. "Um.. Fy? I meant that I'd give you a boost /by/ hand..." He nods at her feet. "You'll need to pur your /foot/ into my palm, not your fingers.." Grin. "Once you do that, it's as simple as reaching up for that rod up there," here he motions upwards with his head, "And then I'll push upwards. You'll then swing your legs over and climb down." Once again, simple, right? Or is it? Just /why/ is Khor allowing the weyrling to go first anyway?

Fyria blinks a moment, then laughs softly as she withdraws her hand from his, giving a quick caress as she does so. OKay, so she can't help it - Kh'ryn's just got that.../aura/...that she can't help but flirt with him. Giving a slight cough, she quickly replies "Right. I knew that. Um...up and at 'em, then?" She lifts a leg, slipping her foot into his hands as she rests her own upon his shoulder. "I swear, Khor - you'd better not drop me.." Her gaze lifts, eyeing the rod above as her hands lift to reach toward it. One...two...three....

How can he drop her, when he's literally tossing her /into/ the air? Ah well, no time to worry about that now, as at three, Kh'ryn flexes his muscles and heaves the weyrling upwards. He made sure to apply just the slightest height, so that the girl's not thrown /too/ high, but hopefully enough to get her to the other side.

Fyria squeaks as she suddenly finds herself airborne - has she grown /lighter/ as a result of riding? Perhaps. Her hands grab the bar easily and with a swing of her cute, curvaceous derriere (for Kh'ryn's benefit, of course), she hefts herself over the grate and lands on the other side with a muffled thump. "Well I'll be a watchwhere - that wasn't so, are you going to be able to make it over okay, Khor?" Her hands drop to her hips as she watches him with a faint smile. Hopefully he'll make it without tearing a convenient little hole in the rear of his leathers. Though that /would/ be amusing. To her, at least.

As soon as Fy's feet hit th floor on the other side, the glow light goes out, sending the weyrling into total darkness. Kh'ryn says nothing and doesn't move a muscle from his end. As far as the female bluerider is concerned, he might as well have dissapeared...

"Khory?" Fyria blinks as suddenly she finds herself in total darkness, her hands groping around blindly. "Khory? Wh-where are you? Are you still there?" She narrows her eyes to try and see in the dark, but she really can't. Because it's /pitch black/. "Khor, this isn't funny..."

"No, it's not funny..." comes a voice directly beside the weyrling, before suddenly, a series of glowlights all get turned on at once. There, standing beside Fyria, is Kh'ryn, and a few unknown riders, all wearing matching grins. "In fact, it's sharding cruel... But, I say that you handled it like a real pro." The other Reachian bluerider toasts the young woman with an upraised glass, before offering her one of her own. "Welcome to Benden, Bluerider Fyria. Did you enjoy the trip?"

Fyria nearly whirls and whacks Kh'ryn in the stomach before the glows suddenly appear, her eyes squinting at the sudden brightness. Her eyes slowly widen, as does her jaw as she takes in the sudden appearance of riders, wine, and glasses all at once. Thus, looking like she's just seen a fish go ::between::, Fyria simply stares at Kh'ryn, absently taking hte glass in her hand. "But" Her hand waves around at the riders, to whom she offers a faint, if not slightly confused, smile. "HOw in Faranth's name did you pull /this/ off??"

Kh'ryn simply shrugs, finally allowing his laughter to spill forward. "Wing secret," he first states, before ducking any other punches or slaps. "Oh, alright, I'll tell you, but you must swear to Faranth that you won't tell anyone else?" Without even waiting for a nod, he continues. "This is P'int and T'ankr," he introduces, waiting while the two riders each bow in turn towards the weyrling. "Zylph let their dragons know that we were on our way, and they headed down here to get things ready." He chuckles and then points towards a hole at the end of the grate, just wide enough for a man to slide through. "And that's how I got in here so easily." More laughter from those in on the joke. "So, now you see why the Benden's haven't /caught/ us in all these Turns? And why it'd be sharding embarassing if you had happened to fall into the brine?" They've been in on it all along.

Fyria mock-growls and feigns a swipe at Kh'ryn's arm as she herself breaks into a small chuckle. "Well met, P'int, T'ankr," she says with a bright smile. Raising her glass towards the gathered crew, she bows, adding "And be assured, I'll be taking /this/ secret with me to the grave." She snags a sip from the glass with an audible sigh of delight, nodding as Kh'ryn explains the intricacies of this little 'raid.' "I must admit, you've a nice little setup here, KHor. Be assured, I hope I'm invited on future raids." Grin. Inferno-rider in the making? She hopes. "And /hey/...I had no plans on falling in the brine, thank you. And if I did - I would've taken you with me." Grin.

Kh'ryn doesn't doubt it either. Still smiling, he directs Fyria towards a set of chairs and a table towards the back of the cellar. As they pass, the glint of glowlight reflects upon the hundreds and hundreds of bottles lining the wall. "Now these," the bluerider explains, pointing along the wall, "Are off limits, just so you know. We're only allowed to take what they leave for us, unless of course.." Here he lowers his voice, "We truly /do/ break in." Which is also possible, though not as much fun. Khor rushes forward to pull out a chair for the weyrling, while the two Benden riders make their farewell, leaving the two blueriders alone once more.

Fyria chuckles, giving the riders a wave as they depart. Kh'ryn can't miss the rather hungry look in her eyes as they scan the forbidden bottles along the wall, however - imagine the wine in /those/ beauties. With a shy little nod, she easily settles into the chair opposite Kh'ryn, raising her glass towards the bluerider, to whom she admits to having a /very/ strong liking for. "Here's to raiding Benden, for the best vintage on Pern. And, to dashing company to share it with." Giving him a wink, she knocks back another sip of the wine and settles easily.

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