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HRW's Own Super Bowl -- Part 2
Calm Rainbowkeri
bluedano wrote in hrwinferno

The sideline Demo-groupies once again begin their roaring! It's /The Chop/ time! A Retch groupie stares at the Demo's and suddenly breaks out. "What on Pern are you all /doing/?! Bunch of wherries... Yeesh..." The Demo-groupies just fidget for a bit before dancing around again!

Daniri blinks. Hey, wait! He can't do this! Unable to throw the ball from her position (not like anyone is open anyway) she instead starts pounding Kariel's back. "Put me down!"

The cheerers along the sidelines go wild, making a loud, hurling sound, in honour of Team Retch's score! My, doesn't that sound.. appetizing?!?

B'ane ack's at the unusual measure and realizes that his job is to stop those two! Gathering his arms in a running posture, he charges Kariel, who happens to be at least slightly hampered down by the weight of the girl. Leap! "Throw me the ball!" He calls, if he can't stop them, then at least the ball can possibly be freed.

From Fiareth's neck, E'an scowls. "No! Don't ask /me/ what we're doing here! You're the one--" Pause. "I did not! How would I know what's happening halfway across Pern, if it weren't for you?" Pause. "Firelizards? Scorch firelizards! A firelizard couldn't tell me anything on its life." Muttering, E'an attempts to work his various buckles undone. "Its no fun in the cold, anyhow. Ista's better. Never any snow." Nod.

Fiareth drops a foreleg, craning neck to watch E'an dismount.

Seilyn cackles maniacly from her perch atop Squaln and Sinead. "Me! I did it!" Big ol' grin. Sinead is giggled at and she leans in to deliver an adorible butterfly kiss to the Guard Recruit's cheek. "Thanks, Sine. You too, good tackle." Seil beams brightly and leans over to give her team captain a good look over. "How you holdin' up down there, Squaln? Ready to take down some Retch hide?" she smirks as she dismounts from the pile.

Sinead winces slightly as she stands. "You added the first few bruises to Sei," she notes as she makes her way over to the sidelines to watch the game. "And you took me out, good job," grin, she's proud of the girl.

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Squaln is laughing really hard as he still lay on the ground, unable to get up and function correctly. He's having too much doing this! Rolling onto his stomach, he head lifts and he can see a few players through watery eyes. Ok, he's literally rolling on the ground laughing. Seilyn is just laughed at in response to her query..

Daniri struggles to get into a position to throw the ball to B'ane. She pushes up, trying to take the ball back so she can throw it, and gets very mad when she realizes she can't. Grarg. She'll get him! soon as he puts her down.

Kariel is the champion, mah friiiiiiends. With the ball-toting Daniri slung over his shoulder, he acks at the sight of B'ane and dodges... making sure little bit still has the ball, he crosses the line with a triumphant roar. Apprentice is grabbd sturdily with one hand on her back and one beneath her knees as KAre lifts her above his head... but doesn't spike her. Promise. That whole 'do no harm' thing. Instead, he swoops her down into a cradled position in her arm, kisses her forehead and winks before setting her on the ground. "Thanks, kid." Snerk.

Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene mutters something about weyrbrats and people who should know better. Cadgwith croons idly, bemusedly. It's /interesting/. She's getting the hang of this now. Somebody grabs an object that is not ball-shaped but is called a ball anyway, and everybody else tries to kill him or her. She hasn't quite grasped the point yet, but she's sure there must be one. Mustn't there?

Fihall grimaces as he catches sight of the very involved game of football. As he has some sort of reguard for his own well being, he takes his post on the sidelines and offers the appropriate huzzah and ooh when needed.

Sinead chuckles and offers a wave upwards to Pyrene. "Hey Py! Hey Cadge!" She offers before she turns to her cheering. "Go Demolition!" Ahem, yes wrong team, right?

Ellianna giggles from behind her hands as Daniri is picked up. "Is that supposed to happen?" She asks of no one in particular. Her eyes get wide as Kariel lifts the girl above his head. "Oh I could never play /this/ game." She shudders as she continues to watch with morbid curiosity.

Noticing that the other team has scored, Squaln attempts to get up again. He still snickers sporadically every now and then as he staggers. "Woooo!" he finally says, clapping his hands a few times. The captain then begins to jog back to his teammates with a grand smile. "Good try guys! We'll get 'em on this next play.."

Daniri pouts and as she turns away mutters something sinister that sounds a bit like, "You'd better watch out...I'm taking you /down/..." before going over to her teammates. "Sorry, guys. I'll just /drop/ it next time he tries that."

Kh'ryn whoops some more from his spot, jumping to his feet and dancing at the score. As Sinead gets hurt, he decides that his ache in his side is much better, because a bruise is just a bruise.. and he's had worse. Not like he sprained his ankle or anything. And so, the bluerider goes back into the melee, high five'ing his teamates, before congratulating Kariel on a job well done. "Hey Daniri," he teases, "Want to join /our/ team?" Grin. Now.. Where's that ball?

B'ane mentally growls at his misfortune, but fervently vows that that play won't happen again. Abandoning his 'defense only' approach, he settles onto a B'ane-of-all-trades. Alright, it's a stalemate and is now anyone's game. "Well win this yet," he foretells Daniri and all else.

The Ref even laughs at this tactic, though he was chosen for his unbiased opinions.. Taking the ball, he heads to the center field, ready for the final, tiebreaking match!

Seilyn reaches down to pat Squaln's head, affectioantely. "I'll take it you're ready." Little Killer shakes her dulling blue-dyed head, cackling at Daniri's sudden switch from the team to become the porcine ball. "Alright, guys! Now's time for the tiebreaker... and we're gonna /whoop/ some serious Retch /butt/!" you see Seily. You see Seilyn dance. You see Seily wiggly that hardy-there tooshie of hers. Idea strikes and she waddles quickly towards Squaln once more. "Squaln! Group-huddly thing time! Group-huddly thing time!"

Pyrene *looks cute. Because I don't have the faintest idea what's happening, I get to choose who wins. Can Kh'ryn and Squaln each pick a number between 1 and 5? Closest to the one I'm thinking of (practise your ESP!) wins.

Daniri moves quickly to get in the huddle, still dark-faced about such undignified usage of her size.

Squaln assembles with the rest of his team and blinks when Seilyn calls the shot. Nodding he yells, "Ok team! Huddle!" As the team gathers 'round, the herder crouches down. "Alright, we've got one play left and this will decide who goes home a winner, and who goes home a loser. If we lose, it's all right. We had a blast right?" The Demo-captain then glances at Seilyn. "Anything to add, killer?" Grin.

Lylia skulks, still hopping foot-to-foot, despite the sweat that's begun to collect on her forehead and drip down her chest and neck. "We're gonna /win/," the rider growls, flouncing towards Kh'ryn with a smirk. She'll /get/ someone this time. Just watch. She /will/.

E'an just shuffles over to a crowd - body heat! - and sticks himself in, muttering under his breath all the while, eyeing the sport at hand. "What's the point of /this/?" the greenrider asks with a frown, awaiting an answer from the nearest person to him. "It looks stupid to me. With a... a.. well, weird-shaped thingy. And jumping on people." A whole load of foolishnes, really.

Sinead offers a wave towards Fy as she sits in her black bikini top, having not yet grabbed her shirt or jacket. "Heya Fy!" She calls out over the noise and the cheers.

Kariel looks around to see who of his team is even left. They're droppin' like flies, I tell ya. Kh'ryn's re-entrance is noticed and he jogs over toward him, nodding in appreciation at the con gratulation, then looking to that nicely forming bruise on Kh'ryn's chest. "You sure you're up to playing?" he queries, Healeristic nature blossoming...

Kh'ryn huddles together his remaining teammates on the other side of the bowl. "Good move Kariel.. And nice tackling too Sinead. Now, Lylia, you're gonna have to take down more than a few people this run... Are you ready for that?" He certainly hopes so. . . "However, this time, leave Squalny to me, alright?" He may be bruised, and a little blushy, but that's not gonna stop him from playing this last round. A nod to the healer, and he replies, "Ayup.. Just a bruise.. Really!" Zylph has given his worse aches and pains by simply headbutting him! Still, Lis did a pretty good job...

Seilyn doesn't bother crouching down since everyone bent over is at eye-level to her at this point in time. "Alright, team!" she shouts to get all attention on her. Her voice drops a bit. "We really gotta trick them on this one..." The rest turns into muttering amongst the team members...

Saunter saunter...Fyria saunters into...well, a large group of sweaty-looking people, at that. What's all this? She blinks around a bit - rather approvingly at that. It -is- a nice view...then blinks at her name. "Eady? What in Faranth's name is going on?" Shooing Monaco off to join the other flits, she wanders over, eyes still wide. "And why is Kariel running around shirtless, yet no one sent a flit for me!?" Grin.

Cadgwith fans her wings and creels resoundingly. The atmosphere must be getting to her. Faranth only knows who she's cheering for, since she still hasn't grasped the concept of separate teams.

"Ready for anything, just give me the /chance/." Lylia again bounces in place, turning towards the other team and sticking her tongue out in a decidedly immature move. But she doesn't care. "I'll take 'em all down for ya, if y'want." And then some. She can take down the spectators, too. TACKLE!

B'ane gets his mind set on winning this shindig and falls in the cluster of his team. Nodding at the direct comments, questions and suggested gameplays offered from the ensemblage, he inputs his two cents for the last strategy that will determine their fate. Well, for today anyway.

Stomps and claps begin to fill the weyr's bowl, as the cheerleaders start up a rocking tune of "We will, we will tackle you!" Stomp stomp clap. Stomp stomp clap. It continues around the playing field, until the whole bowl is echoing the cheers and hollers, along with the thrumming noise of many booted feet pounding the ground. Even a few dragons get involved, shaking the ground with their additions.

Ellianna looks around wondering if the game is over. Everyone stopped running and jumping and hitting. "Is it over?" She mumbles to herself. Letting her hands drop from her cheeks where they were hovering just in case of another collision.

Daniri moves into position, again. She'd like to go straight for Kare, but she's best at running so she'll go out for the pass again, and /no/ one is picking her up if she gets the ball! Nope. She'll be wiiiide open.

Ref blows his whistle again, those two fingers in his mouth making a shrill enough sound to climb /over/ the noise of the cheering fans. Count of three, and ... Boom! Up goes the ball.


Daniri races out towards the goal line, as always, making ready for a pass. Counting on someone to throw her the ball.

Squaln nods and stands up with the rest of the Demolitioners. Woot! This is the finale! The /last/ play. Mwahaha. Sqa then returns and assembles with the rest of his teammates, taking position. Alright, it's do or die. Evillness. Game on!? Not having much time to react, he lunges for the ball...

B'ane latches his fingers together strongly and provides a suitable prop for a little someone. As soon as the person's ready and loaded, he heaves and the dainty figure hurls into the air to her target: The Ball. "Go!"

"If you say so, Kh'ryn..." Kare murmurs, still a bit worried, but letting the man make his own decisions... Fyria is noted suddenly amidst the crowd as he beams toward her, waving heartily and flexing for her benefit... before hearing the whistle. Ack! Game. He gallops toward the center line, ready to play... waving ever so sweetly to little Daniri. Sorry about thart whole picking you up thing, don't you know.

Sinead makes her way onto the field again, taking over fore Lis. "Hey, nice to be back," and she's ready to go, watching as the ball, and the people.

Lylia squeals and takes off, darting towards the ball, practically skipping every few steps as she starts breathing heavily, eyes focused more on the soaring ball than anyone who might get in her way. Raaaaaaaaawr! "Squeeeeeeee!"

Kh'ryn doesn't do much tackling this time around, seeing how his poor ribs did get a tad bruised the last time. However, he does slide in and out of the rushing players, keeping an eye on the ball and making sure it doesn't get out of sight. Never know when he'll need to rush in and grab it...

Daniri yells, "Go Demolition!" as she is launched up into the air...towards the ball.../over/ the ball...oops. She stretches her legs out and manages to snag it between them, unfortunately spinning around and landing on the field on her back. Owch. She manages to get the ball into her hands and looks around for an open teammate.

Ellianna jumps at the loud whistle that is so different from the noise of the crowd. Her mouth widens in an O shape as the people start to run again. Daniri being thrust into the air causes Ellianna's hands to come up towards her face again. "I can't watch!" She gasps even though the gaps between her fingers give away her interest in what is happening.

Fyria crosses her arms and simply shakes her head amusedly, a large grin on her face. An idea dawns - she turns around and grabs two errant brightly coloured shirts from the ground - her 'poms' - and begins to cheer on teh sidelines, waving her arms like, well, a cheerleader. "Woooohoo!! Go get'em...knock 'em dead!!" Jump, jump, wiggle, shimmy...she can even do splits if asked nicely.

Seilyn darts between the rush, around Lylia and passes Kh'ryn on her way. "Dani!" she screams, leaping in the air, arms open. This little tot is ready to play some serious football and if anyone's going to stop her, she's going to put up one electric fight! "Let's get 'em, ladies!" Yes, that applies for B'ane and Squaln too. They're the handsome ladies though, and the groupies show that with their chants.

B'ane weaves his way through the occupants of the field, attempting to follow any known path to the opposite endzone and when no path is to be found, he makes one. Glancing quickly to his left and right, he dashes backwards for a bit to view the opposition and then faces forward once more. He's open as are a couple others of his respective team.

Squaln sees Daniri grab hold of the ball and launches towards her for her protection. Then Seilyn comes out of no where and grabs hold of the ball and he continues to run after her. Seeing how she can't run too awful fast, the herder scoops her up into his arms, pauses, and gives her a piggy back ride down the field. The lad runs as fast as he can, down the field, with her on his back... Woot!

Sinead chuckles and watches her old team go. "Go Demo!" slips out before she catches herself and returns to playing her part for the Retch team.

Daniri guesses she threw the ball to Seilyn, then, though she doesn't remember it. It could be because of her fall. Her back will be sore for a week. She painfully climbs to her feet and starts running/limping downfield after her teammates.

From Dire Image's back, Sikkyen heels Dire into a slow lope - not much faster, considering he's bareback, having just finished up with chores. The stablehand pauses. Okay. Chaos has apparently hit 'Reaches. Dire stares at them just as much as Sik does; silver'd eyes follow Seily's movements, and he's roaring with laughter even though he hasn't a clue what's going on. It /looks/ comic, just for the few moment's he's been watching.

Kh'ryn waggles his finger at Sinead as he passes her by. "No go demo," he shouts, grinning at her and then sticking out his tongue. "Why don't you try and stop 'em?" he asks, before leaving the young guard recruit in his dust, as he tears after the pair himself. If you want something done, may's well do it yourself.. Right? Though, he does motion for the rest of the team to help him up. Let's gang up on them!

B'ane alters his course to join Seilyn, still wary of any present adversaries. Adhereing strictly to the plan for now, lest something drastic happens, he clears the road for Seilyn and anyone else. "Move or be moved." He whispers to the wind, the backup of fans adding to his surge of adrenaline.

And the chugchugchugging of Lylia finally pays off as she squeals and darts forward, gleeful cackling escaping as the brownrider closes in on her target: Squaln. With a high-pitched battle shriek, the rider throws herself at Squaln, wrapping her arms around his waist. RAAAAWR! Mine!

Seilyn is running, running... not running?! She screams excitedly as Cap'n Squaln takes hold of her. "Wooo! Let's go, Demo!" Porcine ball clenched tightly against her with one arm, Seily clings to Squaln's shirt with the other, making sure not to strangle him in her effort to limit the work Squaln has to do.

Ellianna finally spots someone she remembers in the game. The flash of blue hair darting in and out of the mass of sweaty bodies. Now she has someone to watch and even cheer for if she gets the ball. "Go Seilyn! Get the ball and run!" She cheers as she sees the only person she knows with the ball. "Yeah!

Sinead errs and watches Sei make a break for it. "Heya Killer!" She hollers as she dashes after the girl, trying to ensure that she doesn't score.

Squaln runs with Seilyn up on his back, and out of /no/where/, he gets tackled by Lylia. Oof! He plummets to the ground and Seilyn -- who holds the ball -- gets hurled ahead of them both. Sqa lands flat on his front side with a brownrider on his back. "Go Sei! RUN!" he yells. "B'ane will cover you!" And, alas, the herder is down.

From Dire Image's back, Sikkyen drops the reins, hefts himself to stand up on Dire's back, and hollers for SeilyBebbe. Though his yells of encouragement are nearly indistinguishable, something's heard about -- showing 'em about what blue hair's about? Who knows. "RUNRUNRUNRUN--" Inhale; "/Run/!"

B'ane might cover Sei, but who's gonna cover B'ane? As Kh'ryn tears up the turf, he heads towards the other rider, motioning for Kariel to assist. "Argggghhhh!" he yells, half out of pain from his bruise, and half battle cry. This is it, it's now or never...

Daniri sloooowwwllllyyy catches up to the others. "Run Sei! Run run run RUNRUNRUN!" She ignores her aching spine and sprints forward to Seilyn, then takes a deep breath. She's ready for 20 yard dash! Or however far it is.

Fyria dies laughing at the antics in front of her, eyes watering. "Ohh...shards!! Wooo!...." Woo breaks off in a faintly; she can't keep up the cheering, considering she's laughing so hard, and waves her hands as Seilyn goes screaming by. "You go run run...ooooh, look out!! Go go go!!" She finds Kariel in the group (can't miss that blond hair of his), and breaks into another roll of laughter. "Go get'em weyrhealer!!" Ah, she's so proud of her man.

Ellianna yelps as if it was her that got tackled. "Oh! Ouch! Get up and go Seilyn! Go Go Go!" Wow what has gotten into this shy girl? The thrill of the moment has her up and yelling for near strangers. What a good game!

Clinging to the crags of Cadgwith's neck, Pyrene shakes her head, her plait whipping about her shoulders. "C'mon Cadge. They're all dead now. Let's go." The dragon obliges, but even as she turns into the wind for take-off, one faceted eye whirls in continuing flummoxation at the game. These humans are crazy.

Cadgwith goes home.

"Tackle!" Lylia manages a strangled cheer for her own manuver, remaining cheerfully atop Squaln for a moment before slowly rolling off and stumbling to her feet. "Mrowl," she purrs chipperly, before repeating with, "Tackle!" And she's off skittering forward, stumbling slightly. Winning is the important thing, right? Right.

Seilyn doesn't bother glancing behind her and kicks those little legs of hers into full power, darting down the Bowl as fast as she can with the porcine ball held against her chest. Running, running, running! It's runningback Killer from the Demolition team zipping down the 'field', screaming as she does! "I'm gonna' make it!"

Sinead continues her mad rush after after Sei, preparing to tackle the girl, just for the bruises caused to her mid-section. "Nope! You are not getting this!" and with that she runs even faster, catching up to Sei, only to leap and grab onto her shoulders, trying to drag her down as she does so.

B'ane turns to regard the sudden situation over his shoulder and takes up his new position without fail or objection. "Follow me!" Eyes have no other focus but for his goal and those that may inhibit it. Kh'ryn and Kariel are coming close, one on each side. Not having much of an option, he resorts to a last line of defense and gathers his strength. Quads tense and with a terrific leap, the rider goes sailing into the air. The purpose? I dunno, it seemed good at the time. Landing on the ground a few paces ahead of them, he whirls around, prepared to face the onslaught.

Daniri bellows, "Oh no ya don't!" and in total Destroyer fashion (yeah right), she grabs Sinead around the waist and plants her feet in the ground. No one's stopping this victory!

Seilyn eep's delicately as she's thrown into dirt and as though time begins to slow down, the porcine-hide ball slips from Killer's grasp. The girl gets scrape after scrape in the rock and mud but her dull grey eyes are glued on the ball as it bounds across the bowl, first this way, then that way. It's any man's ball now... and the tie-breaker to boot. "Nooooo!! Dani! Squaln! B'ane!"

Kh'ryn jumps /over/ the sprawled B'ane. Nuh uh.. No touchy.. He had enough of the tackle part of this game from Lis. However, he does see the ball, and eyeballs it, nodding for Kariel, who's closer, to /grab... it... now...!!/ As Seilyn, Sinead, and Daniri all end up in a topple, he actually believes that they have a chance at winning this, and that gives him an even bigger burst of speed.

Kariel is aware Fyria can do the splits. But he'll save that request for later. Cough. Right now, he's got football on the mind... and running. That thing he's good at. "Hey! Copycat!" Kare yells as he stampedes after Squaln, long legs an advantage... then after Seilyn. Oh, no you don't! Candy cane is pulled again.... but Sinead's already got the girl down. Good. Eyes scramble over the mass of writhing forms for that hidebound piece of glory... and he plucks it from its free rolling state, searching the field and sending it toward Kh'ryn. "Run with it, man!!!"

Squaln remains on the ground for a moment as he watches the crew barrel down the bowl with speed. Seeing half the team get tackled, he attempts to get up and sprint, but, the pain in his knee prevents him from doing so. Grunting, he reluctantly stays down and looks around frantically for some way to help..

Daniri shrieks her anger, as she often does, and turns to race after Kh'ryn. The only way to win the game now is to catch him! She's got the speed...but does she have the endurance?

Ellianna doesn't even think of pretending to cover her eyes any more. So caught up in this quite violent but extremely captivating game, she watches with wide eyes as Seilyn is down on the field. "What do you do with the ball to win the game?" She looks around at anyone near by. On her feet by this point she is wishing she understood more about the game.

Sinead chuckles slightly. "Now we're even, aren't we Sei?" She enquires from her place, sprawled out having taken Killer down. "Looks like 'Ryn and company may well win this one."

Fyria oh, oh, OH's...then shouts aloud as -her- man grabs the ball. "Throw it, THROW IT!!!" She jumps up and down again, watching the ball sail towards Kh'ryn. "Get it get it get it!!!" 'Poms' are discarded as she claps her hands together, eyes wide, hair going everywhere at this point. So much for a braid. "Ooo...lookout for Daniri!!"

B'ane ducks for easier passage for Kh'ryn, also not like the bronzer wants his head taken off or anything either. Clenching his teeth, he claws his way towards the ball his effort bordering on futile, but this one will triumph or die trying. The pig-skin is now airborn and is headed for the bluerider. Coincedently, that's where he's headed as well. Of course he'll need backup..

Kh'ryn sees the ball, hears the cry, and his mind nearly misses the connection. Him? They want /him/ to run with it? Oh boy... Therefore, he jumps up.. up.. up.. to... catch the ball! Yes! He has it! Now, to run with it... A blur is spotted darting after him, however, one has to remember that this /is/ a rider you're facing off against, and one who's been undergoing extensive training over the last sevendays.. Which means, his chest might be bruised, but that doesn't stop his powerful long legs from getting a head of the others. Reaching the goal posts, he actually trips, but holds onto the porcine-hide tightly.. And, as he flies upwards, he spirals his body into a flip, landing on his back.... In the End Zone! Reaching out with a shaky arm, he touches the ball to the ground, shouting hoarsly, "SCORE!"

Confusion reigns as Lylia glances back and forth. Okay, it was there, then there, and now... With a quick grunt, the wearying rider jogs towards Kh'ryn, definitely slower than earlier, but still with a definite set of determination to her features. She'll be the Big Bad Tackling Defender. Mwaha. But that goes as unnecessary as Kh'ryn lands, a gleeful shout breaking out from Lyli. "YES!" Squeeee! They won! Yay! Who's the best? Team Retch!

Daniri sees the score, but doesn't stop. She still wants revenge on Kariel, but now she wants it on Kh'ryn too. So, picking up more speed, she races forward and charges straight into Kh'ryn, yelling obscenities she need not specify.

Sinead jumps up and applauds. "YEAH!" She cheers, just as she would if Demolition had one. "Good job guys," she exclaims as she jumps up and down, cheering for her team.

B'ane slows his gait to a slow jog when he sees Kh'ryn score the winning point to shatter the tie. His goal now falls to helping the wounded. Offering his hand to the supine Squaln, the rider wipes the grime off his forehead with his free hand and down along the smooth skull. They lost.

And the crowd goes /WILD/!! Cheers echo over the bowl and shirts and hats are thrown onto the Bowl's playing field! Team Retch has won! The man who's tunic read 'Kh'ryn is sexy' once again waves his flag and does a little dance!

Ellianna starts to cheer but then she pauses to look around at the cheering crowd. She has no clue what just happened but hey yelling seems the appropriate thing to do. Clapping and jumping with everyone else she just blends in with the crowd of onlookers.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Kare cries in a unprofound moment of male testosterone. They win. Oh yeah. And he does a little dance, topless as he is, an shakes his bootay.

Squaln struggles to get up and when he does, it's too late. The other team scored the tie breaking goal and he winces as he stands watching. It was a good game, though. Hobbling towards his teammates, the captain nods and smiles through painful steps. "Good try, team! Excellent job." he says to his fellow players. "We'll meet 'em again. Don't worry."

Dragons join the wild cheers, their loud bugles not necessarily directed towards any team in specific. Who cares who won! Everyone else is yelling, so why not them too?!

Sinead applauds for the other team. "Good job Demoltion!" she shouts to them. "Sei, good tackling," she notes as she steps away from the girl.

Finished with tackling Kh'ryn, whether she knocked him down or not, she still has a job to finish with Kariel before she collapses in exhaustion. She gets up, searches the field for Kariel, finds him, and charges into him, as well. She may be small, but she /always/ finishes what she sets out to do, and she set out for vengeance.

Seilyn manages onto her feet and hobbles on over to Retch's Healer, launching at him with her last ounce of energy. No, it's not a tackle; it's an affectionate glomp! Let's hope it lands because this brat is all up for a nap. "Let's hear it for Team Retch, Demo. Might as well be good losers," she laughs, clinging to the nearest being. Sinead is reached out to. She needs more hugs. "Thanks, Sin. That last one you gave was really good." She points to her torn hoody and sweats to prove it and grins.

Fyria almost loses her top as she jumps up again, shouting "YES!!!!!" Her fist does that little pumping motion, then once agian she's hopping and skipping across the bowl, yelling "Go Kh'ryn, you sexy bluerider!!" Had to say it.

Kariel is ever so tackled... one as a glomp, and one from a vindictive little bratling. And he's down for the count, cackling all the while. "Ya still lost, ya wherries."

Squaln then strides with a limp to Kh'ryn and extends a hand to the other captain, grinning. "Good game, Kh'ryn." he says. "I had a great time and maybe we should have another game sometime." Beam. That'd be /way/ too much fun. This was an awesome game!

Daniri has disconnected.

Kh'ryn thankfully missed getting knocked back over by the young teenager, and he rises shakily to his feet, now cradling the porcine-hide in his hands like a newborn flit. He stumbles towards his teamates, congratulating them for a good game. "Wouldn't have done it without you," he states, before reaching out to shake Squaln's hand. "And you guys certainly made it tough.." Wincing towards Daniri, he asks the other captain, "Where did you find her anyway?"

Lylia does a little victory dance, even Druseth picking up a dark bugle of celebration. Ly dances around, smirking and whipping off her black bandeau, waving it over her head as she squeals happily. Skins, indeed. The brownrider hops over towards the bluerider, giving him a firm smack on the rear and a little smirk. "Nice job, cap'ain." And the rider keeps hopping.

Fyria sees her chance, and dashes towards Kariel, dutifully tackling him as well. Hey, she was feeling left out - couldn't leave without tackling -someone-. "Congrats love!!" Celebratory kiss ensues, considering he's worked hard for it.

B'ane props his hands onto his hips and spits to the side in a motion of frustration. A pacifying croon from Aboleoth lends support to his wounded pride, the dragon noting to try harder next time. Walking slowly back to his dragon, the Istan opts not to don the jacket until after he's properly clean. "We'll do better next time." For sure.

Squaln shrugs and glances at Daniri, folding his arms across his chest as he does. "Don't know. She just.. came out of no where." he replies to the bluerider. "But I'm glad we found her." Sqa smiles authentically and turns towards everyone in general. "I should get going now. Again, I had a great time.. Clear skies!" Nodding, the herder heads off.

Squaln goes home.

Kh'ryn winces at the slap, but grins wryly none the less. Now, time for him to find a warm bath, a cool icepack for his ribs, and a nice, looong drink of wine. Getting beat up and tackled is thirsty work!

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